Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking About Summer?

I am sitting in my studio putting off doing barn chores. The outside temperature reads 6 F.. It is much more comfortable here in the studio loft, with good music playing and the pups sleeping...but I know I need to get the chores done. They are saying we might get up to 20" inches of the white stuff starting the afternoon?? Our horses are way out in their fields digging through the snow for grass. It is as if they know that after tonight there won't be as easy a dig to find those few green blades buried under the heavy new snow.
The above watercolor "Heading To The Pull" reminds me of summertime.........a long way off it seems now. I love going to the Maine fairs ...with all the noise and commotion...the smells of dough boys and popcorn...of hot dogs cooking and of sweet candy floss. This painted scene is one that you could see at any fair. It is a framed and matted watercolor ...the image is about 9 x 14" ...and it is can be seen on my website too.
Now down to the barn I guess and get chores done before the storm hits...........

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