Tuesday, June 2, 2015

“Escape Artists” Wild Horses Jump From Easel and into a Print Run! Watercolor By Deborah Flood.


Escape Artists 20 x 16 Watercolor Gouache Medium Web view

Escape Artists is a new Watercolor and Gouache Painting by Deborah Flood.

This Original Painting is 20 x 16 inches and will be available for purchase in July.

Pre-Paid Orders for Archival Posters and Reproduction Prints are now being accepted for this painting.

Affordable Posters!:

  • 20 x 16 inch Poster on Enhanced Matte Paper, 1/2 inch white border: $30.00USD plus shipping. Archival. This is the actual size of the original painting.

The Posters are Archival, and great for a horse and art loving child’s room! Or even for that horse and art loving adult!

For That Serious Collector:

  • 14 x 11 inch Open Edition Fine Art Reproduction on Arches Watercolor Paper, 1/2 inch white border. Archival, Hand Signed: $50.00USD plus shipping. Reduced size from the actual painting.


  • 20 x 16 inch Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction on Arches Watercolor Paper, 1/2 inch white border. Archival.
    Edition of 50, Hand Signed and Numbered: $100.00USD plus shipping. This is the size of the actual painting. Check with the Artist as to what numbers are available at the time of your inquiry.

Shipping and Handling of $15.00USD on each item.

Estimated Ship time is in July 2015, from the studio of Deborah Flood.

Pre-Paid Orders are being accepted through the first 3 weeks of June, before the Painting goes to Print.

To place your order, or to find out more about this Release, go to the home page of Deborah Flood Fine Art. There are links to the ordering page, on the Home Page of the Website. Paypal Buttons are on the Ordering Page.

Thank you for the support and love of my work!

~Deborah Flood


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sprout - Original Art by 2015 Kentucky Derby Artist Kimberly Santini

"Sprout," 12" x 16, acrylics on Raymar panel depicting a foal. This painting is available for $959, which includes special delivery to your doorstep (inside the contiguous US) - inquire directly to me. In process photos here.

I Need a Name

Not me (I've got lots of them, some not suitable for print), but this little baby.

Originally I had titled this piece "Siesta," because the foal looked incredibly sleepy in my reference photo. However, somewhere along the way, that changed a bit. So I'm open to suggestions!

Congratulations to JR who suggested "Sprout" as the title - she will receive a cell phone case in appreciation for her mad painting naming skills! 
Thanks, as always, for following along with my artwork!
Warmly, Kimberly Santini  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring in the Mountains, Mustang Mare and Foal. Oil by Deborah Flood

Spring in the Mountains 20 x 21 Oil Large Web view

New Mustang Painting, fresh off the easel!
"Spring in the Mountains"
20 x 21 Inches.
Oil on hand stretched Linen Canvas.  (yes, I put together the stretcher bars, and cut the canvas, and stretched it to the bars. Very hands on work of art!)

Since the passing of my artist grandmother, I have her supplies and materials. So I’ve been stretching the rolled Linen canvas onto stretcher bars.

I have found that I enjoy stretching my own, and building the size I want, and not relying on a store or manufacturer to decide for me. It’s rather freeing, and feels a lot more like a hands on experience and piece of art!

I worked up this painting, from a reference photo I took on my trips out to New Mexico.

Purchase inquiries welcome. And the piece is listed on my website in the Oil Painting Portfolio.
Deborah Flood


Monday, February 9, 2015

Momma's Got Your Back ~~ Kimberly Santini

"Momma's Got Your Back," 10" x 12", acrylics on a Raymar panel, depicting a spanking new filly and her momma, both from Freelands Gypsy Horses. Photo used with permission. This painting can be yours for $599, including s&h within the contiguous US. In process photos are here and inquires may come directly to me

Sometimes time is all you need.

After taking a break from this piece over the weekend, this morning I saw immediately what needed to be done. And I did it. Or so I think - we'll see what my eyes tell me tomorrow morning!

Meanwhile, I sorted through 77 Valentines Day Painting Giveaway entries - you can see the finalists on FB. Which photo do you think I'll be painting on Friday?

Thanks, as always, for following along with my artwork!
Warmly, Kim 
2015 Kentucky Derby Artist

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Colorful Horse Paintings by Theresa Paden

Colorful Horse Paintings
By Theresa Paden
"Colors of the Wind"

9 x 12"
Acrylic paint on 1/8" thick panel

To purchase, please visit my website.

Here's a close-up photo of the painting

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colorful and Contemporary Original Horse Painting by Theresa Paden

 Colorful and Contemporary Original Horse Painting
By Theresa Paden

"Summer Breeze"

10 x 8"
Acrylic paint on 1/8" thick panel. 
This is my friend Kimme's horse. She graciously let me do a painting
from the beautiful photo she took of him. Kimme is a wonderful person 
who is a true advocate for animals and works endlessly for them. 
Every year she puts on a huge event to sponsor 
I am honored to know her and the horses at the rescue are 
lucky to have her on their side! 

I'm donating 20% of the sale of this painting 
to California Coastal Horse Rescue

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alcohol Ink painting, "The First Snow of the Season"

"First Snow of the Season"
9X12 inch painting on Yupo paper

This is a painting, created with Ranger Alcohol Inks, by Tim Holtz.  A friend of mine encouraged me to try this medium, I tried it, I didn't like it.  The inks are very runny, spread quickly, and make a big dark line around where they are put onto paper or tile.  They seemed very obnoxious to me!

But I didn't give up, I thought about the  inks for a year, and I think I found a new way to work with the inks that I liked.  This painting is the result.  I'm glad I didn't give up on the inks, I'm glad I found a new way to work with them, that suits me.  I liked this horse!  She reminds me of the way my Stormy looks at the snow in winter.

This painting is going to appear in an ebook that showcases Alcohol Ink artists.

I hope you enjoy seeing it!
Donna Ridgway