Monday, November 30, 2009

Elin Pendleton finishes the DVD Lesson painting on Misty Light

I've missed you ALL, and am back! Life has settled down and I'm painting again, and I so appreciate your emails asking how things were going. Here is the finished painting for the DVD on Misty Light and Rainy Days (title still up in the air). I'll be starting the seond painting this week, and will continue to fill your email with its progress. Then the editing and master disk to the duplication service, and this one will be finished--the FOURTH in the Color System DVDs.

I never even opened the warm box for this painting, and I believe that the time of day is effectively conveyed by just the subtle use of the lovely grays--green, red, orange, purple and the earth tones to accent. Misty morning light with NO distinct light source, nor strong shadows. I'm pleased wiht it, and can hardly wait to start the next one!

The workshop in November was a rousing success (I'll post some of the demos and images from that one in the week ahead) and I'm scheduling another three day Color Boot Camp in February of next year. Lots of good art and learning comes from these sessions, so if you can make the time (three and a half days), you'll definitely be a beneficiary of the "CS". HA!

Now it is back to the easel to get the digital tapes and set up for the next painting. Yippee! I'm Baaaaaack!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hurricane. New graphite drawing by Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Graphite on Paper. 36x56 cm.
Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Hurricane is my first drawing this big.
The result was well worth the extra hours.

In this post I thought it would be nice to share the set of instructions used for preparing and producing this specific drawing.
(p.s:The ingredients used can be found worldwide, the way in which they are combined comes from trial and error.)


1 sheet of Mellotex paper, whole

3 clutch pencils, filled (6B, 2B &2H)

1/2 piece of Blu-Tack

1 gorgeous subject (1.1 tones/2425 lb)

12 finely detailed digital photographs

XL Foam board

Artist Tape

1 “White Lies” cd

2 Marillion cds

Collectors Edition Pink Floyd

11/2l of drinking water (daily)

2 nespresso coffees (daily)

Preheated studio to 19 ºC = 66.2 ºF.

65 hours of drawing time.

Freshly ground passion.


In a warm studio, over angled drawing board, outline subject and study eyes, movement and light. Add a pinch of passion and bring inner vision to a simmer.

Place paper on foam board. Tape corners with artist tape. Secure and set aside.

Turn on music.

Review sketch and bring to parchment. Begin eyes to get a perfect expression.

On a clear drawing board, under good light, add more work to overall subject. Pin down the darks and gradually stir in the lighter values. Allow the lighter grays melt into the drawing, and then add detail to the mix. Work gently for approximately 65 hours until the values are completely coated with details.

Finish with a pinch of zeal and a crack of freshly ground passion.

Serve immediately.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dressage Ink Series by Catherin McMillan

Dressage no. 1

This is the first in my series of 3 dressage pena and wash paintings.
 Dressage one is 5" x 7" on white arches watercolour paper.
$55 including postage

The first inquirer to my email, gets to purchase this one.

pay pal welcome

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Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 IALHA National ChampionshipTrophies

World of Equine Sculpture

Wild and Free

Wild and Free is a 5.5"x7" bronze. Finished in a beautiful buckskin patina. Sculpted my Deanna Cummins who was inspired by the wild mustang. She depicts the graceful horse shying away from a seemingly strange object which he has just discovered.

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