Saturday, October 31, 2009

Summer Classic 2009

ISS Summer Classic

Earlier this year I was invited to create this years work of art to feature on all advertising for the ISS Summer Classic Show jumping event here in Australia.  The committee have purchased the original work of art to be gifted to the shows main sponsor.

As an added bonus I get to  have a display of my artwork on at the p resentation evening.  Very exciting for me as there will be some big names in the equestrian world of show jumping attending.


Friday, October 30, 2009

"Letting Go of Fear" oil painting by Kate Dardine

We all have fears that hold us back from the dreams we have. This painting is about letting go of the fears that stand in the way of growth – and the joy and confidence that a life without fear allows us. 16x20, framed in wide black wood frame. Click here for more info.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"What the Blazes....(Broncs III)," 8" x 10", acrylic on canvasboard, depicting two horses, $449. Inquiries may always come to me.

With every deadline I'm frantically working up a new idea, literally until the 'n-th' hour. Seems to be a curse, this belief that the next painting will be so much better than the previous one.

These two faces are no exception to the rule - they represent entry #3 for the Ex Arte Equinus exhibition, applications due tomorrow.

I do like the direction my Bronc's series of paintings are going - the interplay of shapes has allowed me to wallow in the abstractions possible with multiple forms and tight cropping.

Thanks, as always, for looking at - and sharing - my artwork with your friends and family.

PS Want a great gift this holiday season? Then order either one of the Painting a Dog a Day books - they are gorgeous summaries of the Dog a Day paintings. Painting a Dog a Day - the First Year covers 2006-2007, and That's 14 in Dog Years covers 2008. Information on how to order each book is on the Painting a Dog a Day blog and thestudio website.

PPS The response to yesterday's painting was Phenomenal. I have added "Cairn Curiousity" to my Imagekind shop, so that you can order notecards or poster reprints to your heart's content. Thank you so much for supporting my art!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Elin Pendleton works on the new DVD Lesson Painting

The DVD painting is coming along well, and now the second layer of color has been added over the stronger hued first pass.

No details at this point, and still more to do to reduce the color intensities in various areas (can we say "purple"?), but the basic time of day is now coming across clearly.

The filming is going quite well, although my painting has been slowed down by "life events" of late. I'm hangin' in there, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel--and it isn't a train coming! One good thing is the loss of weight--I'm down over 25 pounds and with exercise and good nutrition, continue to find curves and places I forgot I had.

And here's Onslow sound asleep yet again--ah, to have that ability to just leave all worries behind and go "toes up" for a good night! He's actually curved around my hip as I sit in my office chair--those are my jeans, and that's the black arm of the office chair going off the top edge. Comfy, Onnie? Yeah, me too. Fur kids. Gotta love 'em.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Blonde Belgians

Finally this painting is done...a casein on canvas...30 x 40" and Titled "Beautiful Blonde Belgians".... painted from a photo that I took at a local fair this summer. We spent that day watching the draft pulling teams and eating blooming onions and blueberry pie. All rites of summer in Maine. The start of the state agricultural fairs reminds us that winter is not far away.
Actually last night we had a brief taste of winter as big fluffy cotton balls like flakes fell from the dark night sky and covered the farm with a heavy wet blanket. By morning it all was gone...but we got the message. We need to get EVERYTHING done outside and ready the farm for the months that lie ahead. Point taken.
This casein will be put up on my website.....and I will get back to commissions that need being done.....and some new work for galleries that I am with.

Kathi Peters

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beauty in Black by Catherin McMillan

"Beauty In Black"

Catherin McMillan

Beauty is my latest work for TREW and will shortly feature in their 2010 calander.

7" x 7" pastel on canson pastel paper

$175.00 + postage 10% of the sale price will be donated to

A great gift of a horse lover

Pay Pal available

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elin Pendleton paints for the next DVD on Misty Light

I have been working on the first painting for the newest DVD, and it is really fun! The canvas is an 18 x 24 inch panel, and is being done in oils. I'm focusing on how to compose a painting, how to paint using the Color System, and in this case, how to specifically create a misty light situation across distance in a landscape.

At this stage, I usually call it "being in the Uglies", but even now, you can easily see the harmonious colors and related shapes, although the edges and details are long ahead and yet to be found. I've done about 40 minutes of filming at this phase, and will be editing for content and quality when I go into the "cave" to work on the master movie files.

However, for this DVD I'm actually doing the editing as I shoot each sequence, which seems to keep me more focused on what I need to convey to you, the watcher. Below is the painting at an earlier stage, showing how I cover the canvas. Of course, the vocal commentary while I paint is continuous. And yup. There are definitely outtakes--such as when the canvas fell off the easel!

So, come with me on the journey as I complete this painting and the next one for this new adventure! I am quite sure that the second painting will be done in acrylics, so both media will be well represented. And the Color System crosses all media, so that's not going to be an issue, is it?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elin Pendleton Finishes the Tennessee Walker Commission

Here's the finished 11 x 14 oil commission of the Tennessee Walker done and ready to ship. Yes, the Odie boy is a light champagne instead of palomino, so most of the finish work to the signature was done on his coloration. The new owner is very pleased, and so am I that I can present this to her sister. This rescue horse has helped her in many ways--just like my animals around me offer support and unconditional love as I meander through my waking moments.

But meandering is not on the agenda for the next few days as I work on filming the paintings for the next DVD--"Misty Light and Twilight Paintings" (or something like that). Titles come later. Below is the first image for the first of two paintings--the 18 x 24 oil that will be misty light. I won't share all the details (Because that will be in the DVD as I never hush up while filming!) but will let you peek at the progress on this one and the next one as the filming goes forward. Then there will be 16-hour days in the cave with the Mac G5 and the editing software to put all the pieces together into the master DVD for the duplication service. Yes, I do it alone...sigh.

And then there's the cover, the DVD label, the packaging and getting the DVDs ready to ship when they come back from the duplication service. Can you say "where's the wine?"

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Heads or Tails?," 8" x 16", acrylic on canvasboard, portrait of several broncos, $599. Inquiries may always come to me.

I think this painting is done, then I leave it for a few minutes, only to discover another change I'd like to make. So I'm reserving the right to simmer with this guy and figure out just what he needs. I'll use Photoshop and make my alterations on the computer screen prior to changing anything on the painting, this way I can work out a number of different scenarios.

My game plan is to send "Heads or Tails?," along with "Origami" to the Ex Arte Equinas competition. I have another image I'd like to paint as well, but my deadline is looming at the end of the month, so we'll see what the reality is.

Oh, and I must thank my friend Donna Ridgway for allowing me to purchase the rights to her fabulous bronco photos that inspired this piece, "Origami," and the painting to follow. Not having access to many rodeos in these parts, I am very grateful to Donna's expert eye and references for providing me with the inspiration to paint these pieces.

Thanks, as always, for looking at - and sharing - my artwork with your friends and family.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Horse painting, 1st layer

This is the first layer of a new 24 x 18 oil on gold gessoed canvas. I like it the way it is and am tempted to leave well enough alone, but I know I'll add to it as soon as it's dry.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elin Pendleton and the TWH commission... in stages

I'm working on the TWH commission today, and have brought it further along, making the larger shapes in the background more interesting. It isn't finished yet, (no buyer approval at this stage) so I will be adding more grasses and details to the focal areas.
And having the horse's head this way is due to the source material--tough all the way, with a winter/no sun/furry head shot and the other being inside an arena in summer coat. Verrrry tough!
My question is whether the horse is a palomino or champagne color. I've painted it more as a palomino, but may have to rework it if I am told it isn't. Thus goes some issues with commissions.

I'm filming the video for the next DVD now, and loving every moment! I must be part actress, because the cameras are like old friends. I had a moment when I thought that there might be some consternation with hitting the "record" buttons, but nope! Action! After the filming comes the hours of editing... and then forming the results into a DVD master. If you don't hear from me for a few days, that'll be why.

In other news, fall is finally here with cool nights, and the garden boxes are full of the winter crops coming up--Swiss chard, beets, lettuces and lots of spinach!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Elin Pendleton and the TWH commission... in stages, Part II

Those interested in the upcoming DVD on misty/twilight paintings will enjoy how this one is unfolding. I have a misty background working against a patch of sunlight which will illuminate the light palomino Tennessee Walking Horse in the composition. At this stage I'm only concerned with the separate areas of warm vs. cool and not at all with the anatomy or look of the big gelding. The sky will go in, and the bigger shapes in the background before I tackle the details. It is coming along.

On the home front, tomorrow night I open my studio for some artist friends to come and draw and paint from a live model. It's been in the works for a while, and I'm just tickled that they are coming over and it is all working out for us. It will be a great social evening with peers (I've missed those!) and camaraderie.

And renewing a friendship from years ago will be joyful as well--an artist of extraordinary talent, we have let too much time go by between laughter and art. His site is here. The scope of his work and the phenominal art glass he designs are awe inspiring and may take my own art in new directions.

The music rolls on, both on my piano and my head. I think I've played my piano more in the past few months than in all the last half decade! Gutsy ... joyful, poignant.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Elin Pendleton and the TWH commission... in stages

I've started on the 11 x 14 oil of the Tennessee Walker commission here. Just the quick layin of the placement of the horse, and the division of space to show you that design begins from the first brush mark. The gift giver wants the full body and a relaxed pose in a pasture, so I am working from the long history of equine portraiture and moving it into a contemporary setting. Unfortunately, the source material isn't the greatest, and many artists would not have taken this one on. But the back-story on this horse and its relationship with its owner moved me so much... I'll unfold the story in the days to come.

This one will also have the changing values to focus your eyes on the horse, with the landscape being secondary. I've toned the canvas with the warm value to contrast nicely with the cool box colors that will make up the majority of the background.

On the home front, I'm having a bit of a "spring cleaning" time, moving things about and changing the uses of various parts of the house. It has been most enlightening, with new discovery of things unknown and finding things long forgotten. Now that the proverbial "dust" is settling, the new feeling in these rooms is very satisfying, and the two cats have found new places to sun themselves. Not exactly fung shui, but the results give me a "wicked good" grin. I guess spring cleaning doesn't have to happen in spring, eh?

The November workshop is shaping up to be the best one yet, with new lectures in the theater, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people interested in working with the Color System. And the cameras are pointing at the easel, with the painting after this one being featured in the first half of the new DVD on "Misty Light and Twilight" paintings. Camera, ACTION!!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stonehenge Quadriga

I started out heading somewhere else entirely this evening in my computer, and this is where I ended up. I've been trying to rationalize my ridiculously large photo files, and in theory I was going to edit client photos for the horse show CDs they've all been waiting patiently for, but I got noodling around with some of my unfinished photomontages instead, and this is one of the results. You just never know where you'll end up when you start out.....

Just wanted to add that my blog posts always end up looking paler and lighter when I load them than they do in "real life", not sure if it is a monitor/blog program thing or not, so if this looks a little pale, rest assured that really it is quite a rich and dark piece. Not sure how to correct this, or if it is even a problem on other people's monitors.

Judy Wood

Hunt painting, impressionist style

This is a small 6"x6" oil on canvas on panel I recently completed which will be on display and for sale at Dog and Horse Fine Art in Charleston, SC. Thank you to Dana Lee Thompson fro the Equine Art Guild for providing the image.