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Guest Blogger, Artist, Zian Silverwolf Talks About Being Original.


I don’t usually have a guest blogger on my blog, but over the years Zian and I have become good friends. Zian is oozing of originality in her art work and has a wonderful sense of humor, and has the ability to put into words, what I can only feel and think. For so long, I have resonated with what she talks about, a few paragraphs down, about the social media and all the art looking the same. I’ve often spoken it on my own facebook page, only to be shot down by some other Artist, thinking it’s all okay, and they can’t see that it’s all the same. Have they all become so numb from seeing all the same, that they all expect it and accept it? It’s like they are all being herded like cattle. For me, I want to see something fresh and new….show me something new and original! Smack my senses into next year! 

This Blog entry, below, was written and posted by Zian Silverwolf, on her own Blog: With Zian’s permission, I am posting her Blog entry here. For the more Artists and “want-to-be” Artists that read this, the better.

Zian has many wonderful, thought provoking posts on her blog, and I want to help bring awareness to these facts of being Original in your work and thoughts. I hope that you find her writings thoughtful, and useful in your own creative life. I urge you to follow Zian’s Blog. From her Blog, you will also find links to follow her on Twitter. Go to Zian’s website and check out her Fantasy Art and hook up with her on Google +1, and Facebook. She’s a remarkable Artist and Person.

~Debbie Flood


03 March 2012

By Zian Silverwolf Copyrighted Material. Please acquire permission from Zian Silverwolf before copying or using the written content below. Thank you. 

Art by Whom?

I just had a look at a blog where a number of art works by different artists were being displayed; great work, fantastic finishes, wonderful concepts.... Except that there wasn't a great deal of difference between one style and the next. (bar one artist - and I took a longer look.)
Artists don't seem to be particular in creating their signature beyond their actual signature these days. Having a similar style and finish seems to be coming more and more of the norm in the creation of art. 

When I look at an art work, I anticipate being able to tell which artist it is, just by looking at it - distinctive and telling style is not just a part of being original, it is a part of the artist distinguishing themselves as an artistic identity.
Sure, people argue these days that there is no such thing as original, it's all been done before - I think this argument is a cop out for people who are angry that they don't have a larger imagination. Every individual who is capable of pronouncing themselves as an artist is capable of combining that which has come before with their own perception and interpretation of their individual experience. It is not just content or subject that is the action of art - it is the revelation and the evolution of the artist as well that creates a work of art that is beyond the crowd.

I can look at a Turner and know it's a Turner. I can look at a picture untitled, unsigned and know at a glance it's by HR Giger. I can look at a Dali, and know that no matter how many worshippers try to emulate his style, it will always be his.

Inline image 2

"The Persistence of Memory"  - Salvador Dali (courtesy of Wikipedia)

The question is, why emulate another artist? True, to be spellbound by the works of our art heroes is inspiration and motivation for we artists to strive and continue to burn for our own work - but that's the point isn't it? OUR OWN WORK.

Art has always suffered the mainstream prejudices of the uninitiated art lover - the works being displayed on social media, blogs and websites are, in the majority, the same flavour. And usually show up next to the kitten in the bonnet with the funny joke. Such is the nature of the public gallery, and we live with it. However it seems to me that artists themselves are buying into the circus of the acceptable artist - I know with certainty a number of artists who refuse to publish what they really think because they want to be acceptable - they want people to like them.

Whoever heard of an artist who wanted to be liked?

A likeable artist never broke the social mould, never put themselves forward as the beyond that they sought to create - artists, burdened by their constant and consistent observation of the world in all its schisms and motivations, haunted by their own dreams and drained by the persistence of apathy that surrounds them, rarely view themselves as anything but idiosyncratic quasi-mythical disturbances in reality.  It doesn't mean that they can't get along with other people - they're just not other people. I'm privileged to know some of the people behind the mask of their online persona - why aren't you?

So if they're not other people, why is the art starting to look the same? For that matter why are the artists on social media all starting to sound the same? For all that the public are willing to mouth cliches of 'be different', and 'live outside the box', they continue to respond to that which is easily recognized, for them. But an artist should be easily recognized - by their own work.


Turner -

HR Giger -

Salvador Dali -

by Zian Silverwolf

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maiden by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Maiden," from The Saratoga Series, 9" x 11", acrylic on museum quality panel, available to the first one asking nicely for $469. Inquiries may come to me.

This is a piece I began back in 2010 with great intentions, but I got intimidated. I set it aside, waiting for divine intervention to step up and help me finish. Divine intervention never arrived, but with the accumulated miles of a few years' work under my brush, I was able to pull it together and sign off yesterday.

My biggest challenge was controlling the level of detail in the horses and using that as one of my primary factors in building depth of field. And my original painting had some major proportion and drawing errors (of which I hopefully corrected!!).

In process photos of the piece's recent progress can be viewed on the studio's Facebook page

Apologies in advance to all the Painting a Dog a Day fans who are not horse peeps. This week I am tweaking and touching up new paintings, primarily racing scenes, in preparation for shipping a body of work to Spa Fine Art in Saratoga Springs, New York (home of Saratoge Racetrack).

That means you'll be seeing more equine work come off my easel. And what makes it to the blog will be just a fraction of what's been happening in the studio.

I'll do my best to squeeze in a dog or two, though, by the week's end.

Thanks for following along and sharing my paintings,

I am happy to make affordable, quality reproductions available from any of my paintings - just ask.

Image Piracy

Friend and fellow artist Kathi Peterslearned that someone had lifted a particular photo from her (Kathi's) studio Facebook page and was getting a print on canvas made.**

Yes technology makes it possible to lift images from websites, and all it takes is a little savvy to go a step further and print them out. But that doesn't mean it's ethical - as a matter of fact, it's against the law.

Stealing images off the internet and paying a company in China to make a cheap print because that better suits your budget is an insult, on top of being illegal. And it denies us working artists the opportunity to support our families via artwork sales.

Instead, connect with us. Send an email or make a phone call.

We are human, many of us living within a budget just like you. We also know exactly what it's like to covet something absolutely beautiful that might fall outside our realm of affordable.

Ultimately artists want our art to find homes and we are happy to work with you, whether it's purchasing an original or ordering an American made (and artist-sanctioned) reproduction or finding something else that fits your budget.

**For the record, Kathi confronted the individual, educated them on copyright, and stopped the piracy. And now that you are informed, you can do the same thing too!

KK Santini, 346 N Anderson, Lake Orion, Mi, 48362 USA,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas. Debbie Flood

At the cross roads progress Large Web view

At the cross roads, 20 x 28.5 inches Watercolor in Progress.

This watercolor was started today, early in the morning, and I worked all day on it, getting as many hours as I could on it.

Last week I was invited to have a Solo Exhibit at the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas! I’ve been asked to have 20 –40 large paintings, for sometime in 2013. I’m shooting for at least 30 paintings and am going to strive for 40. They have two large gallery rooms they wish to fill with my horse art! I’ve been so excited to have this opportunity. It was so out of the blue for me!

I had recently had three works in the Museum’s Sun Bowl Exhibit 2011, and won the “President’s Award” during that exhibit. The board discussed how they like my horses, and decided to invite me to a solo exhibit!

So, I will be creating a lot of new work. I also hope to go out there, during the exhibit, to see it for myself! It almost doesn’t feel real. The Museum will be calling me this week, to confirm a date for this exhibit.


Between a rock and a hard place Finished by Debbie Flood

Between a rock and a hard place Medium Web view

Between a rock and a hard place 20 x 28 Watercolor.

This watercolor painting is at the Photographer/Printer right now. This painting will soon be available as a Limited Edition Print.

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Clearing skies Watercolor finished by Debbie Flood

Clearing skies Large Web view

Clearing skies 16 x 20 Watercolor.

This watercolor painting is at the Photographer/Printer right now. This painting will soon be available as a Limited Edition Print.

Once home, it will get framed up, and sent out to the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery, Angel Fire, New Mexico


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hotwalker, In Process ~~ by Kimberly Kelly Santini


In Process (and nearly completed) - "Hotwalker," 9" x 14", a backstrech image from Saratoga Racetrack in upstate New York, acrylic on museum quality panel, not yet available for purchase. Inquiries may come to me.

In process photos of this painting can be viewed on the studio's Facebook page. My gameplan is to finish and sign off on this one tomorrow.



I am a painting fool, getting multiple pieces (that have been in-the-works for some time now) signed and wrapped and ready to wing their ways to a multitude of locations.

It's the best sort of fool to be!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012



There are certain rescue groups that are dear to my heart... Being an owner of 3 brumbys' (Australias wild horses) brumby rescue is one that is very dear to my heart.

Once a year I create an original work for each of the 3 rescue groups I am a member of..These pieces are raffled or sold directly to help raise funds to help there efforts to save these beautiful horses..

Perlino is one of the young brumbys rescued by the Outback Heritage Horse Associations of Western Australia.  Drop by there website if you would like to read more about him is name is Digger.

Perlino will be offered for sale on the OHHAWA website shortly..


8" x 8"
Framed Pastel

Catherin McMillan

COmmissions welcome worldwide
Original artwork for sale

Gift certificates available
Payment plan offered.

Pay Pal accepted


Meet a mustang baby surveying her territory in the moonlight. She is 14x11 and is done in Scratchboard Art. The image you see has been scratched out from the black

and it is a very addicting form of art.

She is available for purchase, please contact me at

Sue Kroll, Western Artist