Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maiden by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Maiden," from The Saratoga Series, 9" x 11", acrylic on museum quality panel, available to the first one asking nicely for $469. Inquiries may come to me.

This is a piece I began back in 2010 with great intentions, but I got intimidated. I set it aside, waiting for divine intervention to step up and help me finish. Divine intervention never arrived, but with the accumulated miles of a few years' work under my brush, I was able to pull it together and sign off yesterday.

My biggest challenge was controlling the level of detail in the horses and using that as one of my primary factors in building depth of field. And my original painting had some major proportion and drawing errors (of which I hopefully corrected!!).

In process photos of the piece's recent progress can be viewed on the studio's Facebook page

Apologies in advance to all the Painting a Dog a Day fans who are not horse peeps. This week I am tweaking and touching up new paintings, primarily racing scenes, in preparation for shipping a body of work to Spa Fine Art in Saratoga Springs, New York (home of Saratoge Racetrack).

That means you'll be seeing more equine work come off my easel. And what makes it to the blog will be just a fraction of what's been happening in the studio.

I'll do my best to squeeze in a dog or two, though, by the week's end.

Thanks for following along and sharing my paintings,

I am happy to make affordable, quality reproductions available from any of my paintings - just ask.

Image Piracy

Friend and fellow artist Kathi Peterslearned that someone had lifted a particular photo from her (Kathi's) studio Facebook page and was getting a print on canvas made.**

Yes technology makes it possible to lift images from websites, and all it takes is a little savvy to go a step further and print them out. But that doesn't mean it's ethical - as a matter of fact, it's against the law.

Stealing images off the internet and paying a company in China to make a cheap print because that better suits your budget is an insult, on top of being illegal. And it denies us working artists the opportunity to support our families via artwork sales.

Instead, connect with us. Send an email or make a phone call.

We are human, many of us living within a budget just like you. We also know exactly what it's like to covet something absolutely beautiful that might fall outside our realm of affordable.

Ultimately artists want our art to find homes and we are happy to work with you, whether it's purchasing an original or ordering an American made (and artist-sanctioned) reproduction or finding something else that fits your budget.

**For the record, Kathi confronted the individual, educated them on copyright, and stopped the piracy. And now that you are informed, you can do the same thing too!

KK Santini, 346 N Anderson, Lake Orion, Mi, 48362 USA, www.turtledovedesigns.com

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