Sunday, November 18, 2012

A western collage with buckskin horses.

I've always wanted to experiment with collage but not known where to start.  Then I discovered you tube!  You can find videos that teach you how to do a lot of things there.  I watched several artists create collages, journal pages etc...then started in.

In this collage, I began with a hard board, and lots of gesso.  Then began to glue and add paper and objects .  After that, I added the paint.  This is a collage done with a print of one of my original paintings, called "The Breezy Buckskins".

I find collage totally absorbing.  It's such a "thinking, problem solving" medium.  Since I began this kind of work, I find myself coming in from the studio at night, with feelings of exhaustion! :)  I think that's what I love about it most, it's a challenge.  But I felt the end result was worth it.

Donna Ridgway

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