Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jockeying ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Jockeying," from The Saratoga Series, 5" x 20", depicting 5 jockeys and their mounts fighting for position, acrylics on museum quality panel, $599 to the first one asking nicely. Inquiries may come to me. Please and thank you.

Remember the hot mess from a couple weeks back? Well, I sweated it through and signed off on it today. Feels darned good, too!

This painting is part of a new body of work celebrating Saratoga Race Courses' 150th Anniversary. This summer I'm ushering in the track's birthday party with a live painting session at Spa Fine Art on Saturday July 27th. I was honored to be invited and those of you who joined me last year know how much fun we had - so mark your calendars. Let's do it again!

There are lots of in process pics on the studio facebook page - you may have to scroll a bit through the Mobile Uploads folder, as progress on this painting stretched out well over a week.

Now I'm off to get a couple sketches going.

Thanks as always for following along with my artwork!

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