Friday, May 23, 2008

New Equine Art

I still need just a few finishing touches on this portrait and that it will be finished. This is a mixed media painting that is a sample of my work. I particularly enjoy painting horses and am available for commissioned portraits. I also have original work in acrylics, oils, watercolor and pastel on my web site. I have painted life-sized horse murals down to 9 x 12 paintings like the one above.

This time of year it is a tie between my two favorite pastime-- either riding horses or painting them! I rode my two chestnut horses today (not at the same time-- I am not that good!!) and was reminded again what good therapy horses are for me! I was feeling a little stressed today but that amazing process of the stress falling away begins as I step into the barn and spend time with my horses. I think that is why I enjoy equine art as well. My hope is to capture the essence of the horse and to bring the experience of being with them inside to enjoy. I hope you enjoy as well!

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