Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Looking Back

Don't you wonder sometimes what they see that we miss? I liked the idea of the faraway expression that horses get out in an open field. Its like you can take the horse out of the wild but not the wildness out of the horse! Here's to that free spirit inside every horse.

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Thanks for looking!

Sue Steiner

1 comment:

  1. Sue, nice work! Yes, forever wild at heart.

    Smart move on your part putting your URL on the image. That is a good idea to always do, but I see many artist that don't do it.

    They could always put in down in a corner of the image if they don't want it in the middle.

    You can add text to images with the image viewer, IrfanView. It is a free program for non-profits and low cost for everyone else. I use it daily.