Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working cowboys

On the weekend when I wasn't at the dressage show at the stable where I ride (doing photos, not showing), I was at a working cowboy clinic/camp held at a ranch about a forty minute drive from the city. The clinic event for the afternoon I was there was calf roping, but one of my favorite shots wasn't an action shot, rather was this one of the instructors having a visit before the afternoon session started. In the background is the picturesque old-style barn, now 100 years old and still in good working condition.

I have posted this shot and a few more, plus a write-up on the camp on my "home" blog, which you can read here http://judywoodartphotography.blogspot.com/ "When Worlds Collide" June 23rd posting.

I met yesterday with a web designer so there is now officially some hope that I will have a photo display and sales website in the not too distant future. Thanks for checking this out.

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  1. That is a great photo. Love how they are lined up like that and the horses and people look so relaxed.

    Good luck on your new website. Please consider going with a WordPress based website. WordPress makes a great CMS, it isn't just for blogs anylonger.