Thursday, August 28, 2008

Full Circle

With another beautiful August day stretched out before me, I have just finished a new papercut, I have already cleaned the stalls, mowed the orchard and then weeded a bit in the veggie garden. I have also started sketching out a new cutting and I am watering the front gardens with the dragonfly sprinkler. [It cuts a wide swath of water over the thirsty flowers....but a different type of cut than my cutting paper!]This circle isn't actually round, but it is hard to cut a perfect round. I feel I have done a good job when the final image does not leave a horse with one leg missing or no ears! "Full Circle" is sized about 9 x 9" ........ a good size, and it depicts a sidesaddle rider and her mount.This image was inspired by one of the exhibitions at the Kentucky Horse Park when I went to KY. A lot of my new works will be coming from inspirations from that trip!

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