Monday, August 25, 2008


This shot harks back to a shot I originally did many years ago, of my first horse, a grey, in his stall  with the long light of winter slanting in the door. At that time I had no idea what I was doing and was surprised but pleased with the result. That shot (still framed and on my dining room wall all these years later) was called "Simon Thinking About Becoming a Zebra".
I've been riding in the evenings of late rather than my usual mid-afternoon since the weather has been so hot. I often take my camera with me as the sunsets on the road  home can be spectacular. One evening a week or so ago I went to the west end of the stables to check on my friend's gelding, and realized that the play of light and shadow on the grey mare in this photo was giving me a chance to re-work the idea of zebra shadows on a horse. I now have dozens of variations on this theme, and will doubtless get a lot more yet before the sun has gone too far south for this kind of shot to be possible. 
Prints of this or any of my photo art can be ordered by emailing me for information  Original plans for my photo website have fallen through, but  I'm working on plan B now, and it will happen, just not sure when!! More photos of various sorts to be viewed on my home blog  Thanks for looking. 

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