Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Welcome Impact" new drawing by Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Here is the finished version of my highland show pony.

A great drawing to produce...I loved using the soluble graphite: never thought I would be able to produce work with a paint brush...!

The trick to this technique seems to be nothing more than layering. Dry "normal" graphite was used as a base layer, I then added a layer of the soluble graphite which I  worked with a "barely" wet brush. This layering was repeated until the finished effect achieved.

Pencil used: Prismacolor water soluble graphite (dark) on Strathmore 400 series Bristol Board Vellum 2-ply.

"Welcome Impact"

Graphite on paper, 21x27 cm

P.S: Hope you like the title. Symbolises both how I feel about discovering this medium and hopefully how the viewer will react when seeing this lovely pony showing off...!

Curious to see how this drawing was created? The "making of" can be seen over on my studio blog Black on Grey on White.

Thank you for watching.


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