Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve At Cob Cottage

Well, another year is about over...and the new year begins tonight...I have made my goal list for the new year...and this year is going to be about "commitment" other words..."git 'er done"!!
The evening skyline yesterday was gorgeous...and I see this view out of my studio window. Love it!
And I am so very thankful to be blessed with this work place!

Our little Nell is becoming the subject of many future paintings.......
if she would only stand still longer!

Mittens spends a lot of time watching the whirling dervish JRT
from the safety of the stairs to the loft.

and life goes on at Cob Cottage Farm.
All of us here wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!!
and "Git 'er done!!!!"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowing again!

Snowing again this morning and for a change not in the minus twenties (or thirties) so I felt the need to run south of the city to get some more snow shots of my favorite herd while the getting was good. I never know for sure what I'll be offered by these horses when I go out there. Often as not they will be clustered around the rather unscenic fences and shelters which don't make for good backgrounds. The mare herd was exactly in that situation this morning, but the large group of youngsters in the north pasture was out in the field and sheltering in the trees, perfect for my purposes.

Of course as soon as they spotted me they started coming my way, since being youngsters they are pretty curious in general. Even the occasional one that exhibits a bit of "worried" body language still seems inexorably drawn to the intruder in their space, to get close enough for at least a sniff. I have to get my "incoming" shots quickly as in no time at all I'll be engulfed by the herd, and with my big lens on the camera, that just doesn't work for me. 

Overall it was a good shoot. Fingers got chilled a bit but not the searing pain I usually experience when I'm out in the colder weather. There was enough snow coming down that it was occasionally a bit confusing for the camera to figure out what I was focussing on, but I'm happy with the morning's outcome. More snow is possible in the next few days, and as long as the temperature doesn't take a dive on us, I'll head back out for another go-round. No such thing as too many "horses in snow" shots--or horses in any other circumstances, for that matter. As addictions go, this one is relatively harmless!

All my photos are for sale. Contact me to inquire further. More photos can be seen at my home blog

Start Of A New Day

This is a new work in progress. This new casein is 18 x 18" and it Titled "Start Of A New Day". It has the square format that I really love to work with and note that my works are getting bigger. I will be moving some of my painting out of the loft and taking over the house! The needed work space is growing!!

2009 is almost upon us all. I personally will take this week to format my plans for the new year. New shows have opened up for me and it is time to break out of the mold....stay tuned! For you who have signed up for my newsletter on my will receive all news via thanks for signing up there!!

Now...down to the do stalls [my daily exercise workout ! ] and then up to the loft to get decide what happens for 2009 and Cob Cottage Studio!

Draft Horses in Oils, 12 x 18 on panel

This was one of my favorite Christmas horse portrait commissions. I met the owners of these horses last year while painting my mural of a team of life sized Amish work horses at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio. They were visiting from Michigan and we got to talk horses. I love how horse people can connect instantly! I was able to stay in touch with my new friends and had the pleasure of doing this commission which became a Christmas present from one half of the couple to the other. I am pleased to introduce to you the team 'Slim and Harvey', a beautiful pair of belgian draft horses. They spent many weekends leading up to Christmas pulling sleds or wagons filled with happy people!
To see more of my work or for information on commissions go to
Thank you and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Thanks to everyone for making 2008 a great year.


Painted Ponies

This painting is a metaphor for leaving the carousel of modern life, where we all run around in circles, faster and faster, never getting anywhere, our expressions frozen on our faces. These ponies have traded their jeweled bridles and saddles for war paint. They’ve broken away from the safety and boredom of the carousel, into the uncertainty and exhilaration of freedom.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking About Summer?

I am sitting in my studio putting off doing barn chores. The outside temperature reads 6 F.. It is much more comfortable here in the studio loft, with good music playing and the pups sleeping...but I know I need to get the chores done. They are saying we might get up to 20" inches of the white stuff starting the afternoon?? Our horses are way out in their fields digging through the snow for grass. It is as if they know that after tonight there won't be as easy a dig to find those few green blades buried under the heavy new snow.
The above watercolor "Heading To The Pull" reminds me of summertime.........a long way off it seems now. I love going to the Maine fairs ...with all the noise and commotion...the smells of dough boys and popcorn...of hot dogs cooking and of sweet candy floss. This painted scene is one that you could see at any fair. It is a framed and matted watercolor ...the image is about 9 x 14" ...and it is can be seen on my website too.
Now down to the barn I guess and get chores done before the storm hits...........

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sitka is a 2 year old Siberian Husky male and he is ready to get out in the snow and have some fun. His beautiful strawberry blonde highlighted coat will protect him. He is available from the Kalamazoo County Animal Control Services at

2500 Lake St
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
(269) 383-8775

I believe he will still need to be neutered.

This 5x7 matted watercolor painting is available for $95 plus $5 S&H to the first emailer to
A portion of the proceeds will go to help Animal Control in their adoption efforts.
Please share this blog address with other animal lovers who might be interested in helping animals through art, the more people who look the better for everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warmest Holiday Greetings!

New Daily Riding Essentials Paintings

Okay, as promised! Here are three new little paintings. These make awesome little groupings for tack rooms or trainer/client gifts. These cute little gems will also become available as notecards and prints in the new year. So sign up for my newsletter for updates. Epona Studio Newsletter
This is a great opportunity to own an ORIGINAL painting at a super affordable price! I, also, wanted to mention that on several occasions I have had buyers miss out on purchasing a particular painting because someon got to it first. If this happens I can recreate a very similar painting, remember , these ARE originals to complete a vignette. So let me know if one of the paintings is gone and you would like the similar one and I would be happy to paint another one!
The first painting is titled Pony Brush (pictured above). This is my son's little, well used P'ferde brush for his pony, Ruby. Thats the cute little lady with my son a few years back at their first horse show!

This little gem of a painting measures 6 x 8 and is ready to pop into a frame. Acrylic on canvas panel so no glass needed! $12 + $4.65 for Priority Mail shipping guarantees holiday delivery. I can fit several of these into one envelope so I am more than happy to combine shipping!
Just click on the Buy Now button and you will be directed to Paypal for safe, secure shopping.

The second offering is titled Hoof Pick. This is familiar item for us horse people. At least it better be! ;-) This measures 6 x 8, acrylic on canvas panel. Offered for $12 + $4.65 Priority Mail shipping.

This final original painting titled Bucket& Scraper is, surprisingly :-), of a bath bucket and sweat scraper on a bright,sunny day. You can almost smell the Vetrolin! I really love the colors in this one. This is painted on a 6 x 8 inch canvas panel with acrylics. Offered for $12 plus $4.65 Priority Mail shipping.

The final order of the day are gift certificates. I have gotten several requests for portraits but I cannot fit in anymore portraits in time for holiday delivery. I CAN offer Gift certificates. These will,also, be available on my website. The Certificates offered here are for an 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas, single horse or dog (head/neck) portrait from your photo. Price is $380 and include shipping and insurance. If you need a different size, samples and/or more info please contact me at

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gypsy Vanner Pieces

Here are two new 12" x 9" paintings. They are original acrylic on panel and currently listed on ebay under the ID artjenifer9999 for 29.99 each. They would look great together or on their own. Perfect little pieces to give as last minute gifts to the horse lover in the family!!

See more of my work at

Happy Holidays,

Jenifer Trottier

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Inquiring Minds:" An Online Show and Sale

As promised, I have put together an online show of my 30 day challenge paintings. I've created a new blog to do this: Thirty Horses, Thirty Days. Here you will find PayPal buttons that will enable you to purchase the paintings that are available for sale. I hope you'll have a look, and relive the experience with me! A portion of all sales will go to LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement, so not only is this a chance to invest in an original oil painting, you will be helping racehorses find new homes.

Please note, the paintings will only be available until December 12, 2008, and Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed at this point in time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. You can read more on the 30 day project on my blog, and see more of my work on my website. Thanks again for your support!

Linda Shantz

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Golden day

As a newly "born again" photographer (using photography as my main art medium now, after years of it being in a "supporting" role in my work) I have come to a new appreciation of the qualities of light that I am presented with at varying times of year. I  live in the Canadian prairies, and this year has been uncharacteristically warm and snowless, so the light I can capture is different to what would be the norm for late November and early December. Days end early up here (sunset is shortly after 4:30) but with a beautifully mellow golden character which would be absent if we had our usual snow cover. 

Last week I was driving home from an outing in the countryside when I came across these two young Belgians in a field. They had beautiful plush coats, all ready for the cold weather that will doubtless appear one of these days. I got a series of shots of them as they checked me out to see what I was up to. I have reworked the original in Photoshop to make it look a bit softer and more painterly, and have enhanced the tones of the warm light. There are quite a few other things I would like to do to enhance this photo, but I am working between two computers for the moment and the new one (that this shot is downloaded into) doesn't have my graphics tablet attached to it, so I don't have the ability to "fine-tune" the image the way I would like to. Be that as it may, I'm happy with this version the way it is. 

All my photo images are for sale. You can email me  with any inquiries or to order. Prices are $40 for an 8" x 10" matted to 11" x 14", and $60 for an 11" x 14" photo matted to 16" x 20". You can see more photos on my home blog