Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More snow

More of my ongoing "horses in snow" series. Writers are always told to write what they know and what is around them, so on that theory I'm stuck in snow mode. Will eventually work around to "dust" shots in the heat of the summer. One thing about where I live and shoot (Saskatchewan, in the middle of the Canadian prairies) is we do get seasons, although spring can be more like a couple of days than an actual season, some years. 

So far this winter is a record-breaker for cold in the month of December, and we usually don't even get our serious stuff until January and February. Brrr. Good thing, though, is that we have had a number of small but pretty snowfalls, as in this shot, and I rush out to my favorite herd whenever I can if it's snowing.

This grey mare is often by herself sheltering in the bushes. The other members of the mare herd aren't far off,  but she doesn't seem to have anyone to buddy up with, whether by choice or not I don't know. Greys are often treated as "outsiders" so that could be the case here, or perhaps she's just an independent spirit.

The photo had a bit of a soft focus due to the big feathery flakes that were falling heavily when I took the shot, so I pushed it a bit in Photoshop to make it even softer and more impressionistic in look.

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  1. Beautiful picture of the grey mare. I do hope she is alone by choice and not an outcast. Stay warm!

  2. Judy, this is beautiful...an award winner for sure.