Friday, May 8, 2009

Wings and feathers

I've been gathering images of gulls this spring (not sure why, but as it turns out they're coming in handy) which I have combined with this lovely Gypsy cob yearling filly for my most recent photomontage. This is just the beginning of a whole series of works I hope to do featuring this breed.

I am fortunate to have access to a locally-based herd of beautiful Gypsy cobs and look forward to following the herd throughout the seasons, also to meeting the new stallions who will soon be out of quarantine and available to be checked out. You can learn more about these horses (and check the yearlings for sale, including Mana who is featured in this art image---sadly to be sold without wings!!) by checking this website.

Judy Wood  


  1. Wow, what an image, this is beautiful, I hope you paint it as well, although it is just stunning as it is.

  2. incredibly Beautiful!!! awesome, wonderful, etc etc...Love this Judy!

  3. Wow! That is beautiful, so real and lifelike.

  4. Oh Judy! This is so beautiful. How wonderful to have access to those horses! Pretty awesome what you are doing!

  5. Just a note of clarification---I don't paint, this is what I do instead, and it is photo based (hence the lifelike quality, although I start with lifelike and take it the other way most of the time!!)