Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Square Butte and Horses

I had this photo of Square Butte, and the old corral, but it didn't have any horses in the photo. I couldn't have that, so I added some. I had to completely change the light source on the photo of Square Butte, and the old corral, so I did a lot of digital painting.

To make the horses look like they belonged here, I did many layers of air brush colors, painting over them in places, making them fit into their new back ground. It was an interesting challenge, and very fun.

I got so absorbed in what I was doing! We planned on going to town, we got ready to go, I had to walk out the door passing my computer on the way, I was thinking so hard about this piece, I grabbed the computer and started working on it again.

After a while, Robert came back into the house, he said, "Donna, did you change your mind? I thought we were going to town." He'd been out in the car waiting for me to show up.

I have to laugh every time I think of this, maybe it isn't easy being married to an artist? I can lose all sense of time and place when I'm working!

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  1. That's an impressive combination of pictures. If you hadn't laid out the road those horses took it would have looked like it was shot that way. Excellent work. Kudo's to the spouses of artists!

  2. this is great work.. it is look like original photo.

  3. Thanks, it took a lot of doing to get to that point! :)