Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Sized Horse Paintings

I seemed to have settled into an area of 'speciality' thanks to the numerous murals I have done over the last couple of years.  This specialty is painting life sized horses and farm animals.  I paint portraits in oils on standard sized canvases and enjoy this very much but also have found a niche in painting large.  In the photo you can see me working on a recent commission that will become an outdoor mural on an existing barn.  The wood panels will be placed in the spot above a dutch door stall opening so from the house the owner can look out and see the family's much loved horses memorialized in their spot in the barn.  I will be doing a whole series, each one a special horse in this family's lives over the years. 

I loved this idea!  We also have some special horses in our lives as I am sure many of you do too!  My daughter's horse Flicka in particular is a once in a lifetime horse.  I could not of asked for a sweeter, kinder soul to carry my daughter thru her childhood!  Flicka is still with us but I want to remember this idea and do the same when the time comes so I can look out my window to my barn and remember some very special times of my daughter's childhood. 

To see more of my finished owrk please visit or stop by my studio at SeconApril Art Galerie in Canton, Ohio.    I also have numerous murals at Lehman's
 in Kidron, Ohio.
Thank you!
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