Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK, it's not a horse... Elin Pendleton paints a cow.

Sebastopol's Color Boot Camp is over, but I thought you'd enjoy the painting demonstrating evening light for the participants. This is one of Fay's Georgia heifers, and she is marked so well for demonstrating what happens to white and brown when in light and shadow that I use her more than once in my workshops!

It's a 9 x 12 ($150), and the source image is to the right of the share with you how the Color System makes the ordinary into extraordinary. Warm box colors in the light and cool box colors in shadow.

I received rave reviews for the just-completed workshop, and the comments mostly were about how logical the Color System is, and how easy it is to apply.
Here's a lineup of one students' paintings for the three days (without the value studies and "silly" painting). It's amazing how they all "read right". Backlit, morning, mist, clouds/sunrise and moonlight. All from an artist who had never used the Color System before.

One more workshop scheduled for October in Riverside, now set for October 8-11. I'll update my site with links for signing up, and have been taking emails to notify you when that page is up. Color Boot Camp!!

Tonight I head for the coast again, and more fog paintings of the ocean. Then home....

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