Saturday, August 28, 2010

Showjumper WIP #3 & Children's Art Classes

 Showjumper WIP #3

   Today's post is the latest update on the Showjumper WIP (Work In Progress) . I have to admit I approached this last night with a LOT of trepidation! I am liking it so far and watercolor is not very forgiving.  I got into the zone working n this stage where I  just lost track of time. I love it when that happens

    My original plan had been to  do the eye and get rid of the creepy-mask-horse and just get some life into the piece.  I can paint eyes in my sleep.  But... because I was afraid to get in there with some darks I knew that THAT was where I needed to start.  I got a lot further then I had planned and when I took a break a breathed a sigh of relief! I haven't killed it yet!

When I  lay down the glazes in a piece by looking for different shapes  I can get away from fussy details because  the viewers eye fills in the rest of the information. I do like to use unorthodox colors in my horses and  even though I ramp up the saturation in the initial glazes I will go over all of it with a light uniform glaze of ,say, Burnt Umber to pull it all together.

You can get a larger view of the image by clicking on it.

Watercolor Classes For Kids

My children's watercolor art classes are a go! Starting in September I will be teaching art classes at the Front Street Gallery in Patterson, NY. I will offering 6 week courses  for homeschoolers during the school day  and after school classes for children attending public school

We will cover basic techniques, such as getting to know our materials, wet on wet, wet on dry, finding basic shapes, basic color mixing and color value. We will then jump in and explore the fun world of watercolor. Students will work from still life and photograph reference material.

If you have an interest or would like to sign up , please, add your name to the mailing list for information and updates.

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