Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elin Pendleton Continues the Acrylic evening light mist

Might look a bit finished at this point, at least for those of us who are not "tight" painters! But it isn't. I still have the final step to do for the atmosphere--to bring in the mists and the sunlight coming through the trees. This works so well with acrylics, I can hardly wait to show it to you! But that's tomorrow... If I were painting in oils, I would have had to take a break at this point and wait for the painting surface to develop enough strength to handle the glazing of this effect. Probably would have been four days in my climate--which is over 100 degrees again. No fires though...

I have pulled together the near ground the the midground by making the areas below the horses more interesting and varied. There is a lot of subtle movement going on within those areas by the use of value and color shifts. A lot more fun to DO it than to talk about it though! I'm really pleased with the colors in the stream--can you see the juxtaposition of the yellow orange with the red violet there, toned down? Gotta love the Color System!!

The DVDs ordered have been sent out and I'm waiting for some more feedback on them. So far, everything is positive! Now it is Saturday night, the house is hot and the moon is up, so I'm going to go play outside for a while! See you tomorrow!

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