Friday, September 3, 2010

Online Equine Art to Benefit Horse Rescues- Save A Face project

Orange Tabby in Vibrant Color!

Grazing Horse, a favorite late summer scene with coats so sleek the light glistens off their backs!

'Soft Eye' from the Southwest Art Series framed in rustic barn siding

I started Save A Face project this summer as a way to help the vast number of slaughter bound horses.  Of course this lead to wanting to help the vast numbers of shelter dogs and cats.  So many adorable faces flash before every day by way of social media ( 'Save a Face' Facebook page and Twitter ) that I needed some outlet other than becoming an animal hoarder myself!  I decided Save A Face could be a way for people like me who want to collect all those adorable faces to do so but not really.  :)  By collecting the animal portraits a portion of the sale goes to various animal related rescues and charities so that they can be supporting and continue their good work.  A win-win situation!  Many of the pieces are smaller desk or shelf size which also makes for a nice conversation piece at work as to why you support rescues.  They also make a great gift for a fellow animal lover friend!

I have ongoing auctions on eBay which can be found here or by searching Save A Face on the eBay site.  I try to do a variety of animals- dogs, cats, horses, farm animals and such... even auctioned off a cute mini guinea pig oil painting a few weeks ago!   You can nominate a worthy (aren't they all??) rescue animal or charity on my facebook page or web site .  Post a photo on our 'wall' on facebook so I have an easy way to find my next top model!   

Sue Steiner
animal and equine artist


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