Friday, March 18, 2011

New Casein of a Clyde Grazing On Green

"Hand Grazing- Clyde "    casein on board   12 x 12"
A painting with green...appropriate for Saint Patty's Day!..... while we still have feet of snow covering most of our farm. The handsome Clyde in this painting has been the subject of several paintings I have done over the years. I love painting those gentle giants! I did this casein on board and will be varnishing it.......and putting it on my website. Some of my casein paintings are varnished....some not. I make the choice after I have finished a painting. Varnishing this casein painting will give it a look like an oil painting. That is the look I want for this painting.

I spent the morning grooming our horses.....trying to get into the winter crude and dead hair,as they shed their winter coats .Boy.... do I smell like a horse!! Not so nice as smelling like a rose?!!! But this is a sign of spring for sure!!!

Kathi Peters,
American Academy Of Euine Art Associate,Women Artists of the West Associate

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