Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Secret Getaway' Equine Watercolor by Debbie Flood

This is one of my latest Watercolors. Secret getaway. You know, when I had horses growing up, I was always making a get away on my pony or horse. Such a wonderful feeling to jump on and go. It takes one to another place and time of imagination and stresses just melt away.
For me, now, I don't have the horse to jump on to 'getaway'. I probably couldn't jump on one now, if my life depended on it! But what does take me away, is creating works like this in my studio. The light in this bounces all around, the colors are bold, and the horse is sculpted in the paint. It takes me away every time I look at it.
Secret getaway is 11 x 13 inches and being offered for $1,200.00.
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Thank you!
Debbie Flood

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