Monday, August 1, 2011

‘Head Games’ Western Watercolor by Debbie Flood

                                                                                                                  Head games Medium Web view

Head games 15 x 12 Watercolor on Arches 300lb Watercolor Paper.

This is a scene from the ranch at the Road Runner Tours, in Angel Fire New Mexico, where I went on my trail ride in June 2011.

This poor cowpoke patiently chased this mare around the paddock to put her bridle on. The saddle was on...but she wasn't too quick to give her head. At one point, I helped block her, so she didn't go into another adjacent paddock.

I don’t know how many hours they had gone around one another, while I was off riding through the Forests and Mountains. They weren’t there when we left, but when we got back, 2 hours later, there they were, all hot, dirty and dusty. going around and around.

Many times she seemed she would give in and he got close to her head. He’d gently put a rope over the crest of her neck, to try to use as leverage in hopes she wouldn’t budge. But…off she’d go. About an hour after we got back from our ride, he finally caught her. I think at one point, she jumped into the water trough! I heard the thunderous splash of water and metal.

Once he had her, he climbed on, and away they rode…off into the Mountains. She was calm and no problems at all. I heard someone say, “She’s a great trail horse, once you catch her and get a bridle on”.

Hmmm….is this typical for a female? Head Games. lol

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~Debbie Flood


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