Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Pink," 6" x 12", pastural scene done in acrylic on a museum quality panel, for sale via gallery representation. Inquiries may come to me.


I am working on a collection of paintings that I hope to be sending next month to a new gallery - a space that's new to me and new to it's community. The contracts are not yet signed, so I'll hold off on sharing details until everything is finalized, but rest assured that I will shout this news from the mountaintops when all is official.

Meanwhile, I'm researching the area and putting together some new work for them to review along with a half dozen or so favorites from my archives.

"Pink" is part of this grouping and could be shipped out soon, if the gallery owner agrees that Pink'll be a good fit with the artists' she's representing. 

In other news, I survived the weekend's Dance Convention very nicely, thank you. And earned myself an invitation into a ballet class for regular life drawing. Starting Wednesday.

I best go sharpen my pencils! 

Reference Photo

Above is the reference photo that inspired "Pink." Warm thank you to SS for sending this photo over and granting me permission to paint it! 

The changes I made were small, but they resulted in big shifts - tilting the horizontal lines/planes, pulling the far horse in a little closer, bringing my value range in tighter, paying attention to local color reflections, and eliminating the fence lines and barn.

And while I absolutely adored the peace signs on the blanket, ultimately they were too busy to be included successfully given the final scale.

It's worth noting that the above photo is not included so that others may paint from it. The photo is copyrighted (and unless noted specifically, all the images I share are copyrighted). Artists must first obtain permission from the photographer - even if they are making changes to the photo like I did above!

Don't get caught up in copyright shenanigans - it's not worth the damage to your reputation or the loss of creative energy.



  1. oh my gosh. I love this painting. The color movement is just breathtaking. Well done! Happy PPF!

  2. ooh I missed the part about you being invited to draw in a dance class. I love the ballet, Im turning green thinking of the opportunity.