Friday, February 17, 2012

Valarie Wolf - A couple of New Paintings

'Waiting For Direction' 8" x 10" oil
These two oil paintings are done in a more traditional sytle.  I am starting to pay more attention to light and shadow, and am enjoying the process.  The horse is actually 'made up' meaning, the body of the horse is taken from a photo I took of a ceramic horse of mine.  I changed the position of the head and neck.  This is something I thought I would never attain- to actually formulate a painting from my mind.

I just finished this little head study.  Here again, I am concentrating on lights and shadows, and incorporating warm and cool colors which adds such dimension and interest to a painting. I quite like the loose background with the greens contrasting with the reddish color of the horse.  I think this little horse has such a sweet expression.
'Finely Bred' 6"x 6" oil

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