Monday, October 14, 2013

Horse Work In Progress

    I currently have six paintings going right now It's amazing what feeling inspired will do for you! Three of them are horses and since you have asked here is a Work in Progress of one of them. I won't be divulging the name or final of this boy until it goes to it's new home. 

Step #1

    The sketch. I did several variations on the sketch and I like the composition of this one the best. I'm using Arches 300 lb Hot Press with a very smooth, bright white paper and is probably one of favorites because it is very suited for the way I like to work. This piece measure 14 x 11.
©Deborah Bollman

Step #2  

     Laying down the lightest glazes first and saving the white of the paper.

Step #3

     Starting to lay in the darks and modeling the musculature. As soon as I start adding some of the darkest darks the light seem to appear from nowhere.

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Holiday Portrait Gift Commissions

     THe holidays are right around the corner! Time to start thinking about commissioning those holiday portraits. I've already have a few spots spots booked! If you are thinking of giving the gift of a horse, dog or NFL football portrait/painting, please, don't hesitate to contact me. The process is super easy to get started! For more info drop me an email

Luke, Watercolor, SOLD

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  1. Deborah, don't forget to include your name in the title of your posts so that it's evident who the artist is! Otherwise, you're cheating yourself if people don't know who is creating this wonderful art.