Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tribute To Glory by Karen Baker Thumm

Tribute To Glory - oil painting by Karen Thumm

After a long hiatus from the studio due to various health issues, I'm finally finding time and energy to get back to painting. Since Glory is the closest work in progress to being finished, she is the first up on the easel.

When last I left off working on her, I had corrected some drawing errors and had begun the second color layer. It's hard to tell where the second layer ends on her head and what is still the first layer. I briefly toyed with leaving it that way, but there are still too many unresolved areas yet to make that final decision.

So far I'm very pleased with how this painting is looking and am anxious to finish it. Glory was my horse's best friend when I first bought him. She was a broodmare who died during foaling years later. I was fond of her too which is why I felt she deserved to be immortalized.

Karen Baker Thumm

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