Thursday, March 6, 2014

I've got some fun news about my latest horse painting called "Where's the Peep?"

What horse person doesn't recognize this face? This is much loved face from a really fun perspective otherwise known as "The Mooching For Peeps Face". The inspiration for this painting came from a Hanovarian mare, named Wrose, that I had the privilege of training for close to two years. She is a real character and her owner, Amanda, discovered that Wrosie had a penchant for Peeps. You know..those marshmallow chicks that come out around Easter? It seems they are also available for a lot of other holidays so Amanda and I would load up after the holidays when the ghost Peeps, bunny Peeps, Santa Peeps, etc.. all go on sale. Wrose could hear the subtle rustle of the cellophane that comes on the Peeps packaging and she would just go nuts nickering for her most favorite treat ever. This, my friends, is the face of a Peeps moocher.

Wrose,surveying the water hazard, with her incredibly
 talented owner, Amanda Miller

And now for the fun news!

"Peep?" has become quite the popular painting! It will be showcased in the Horse Show Issue of The Chronicle of the Horse next week March 9) and now it's also going to be published in the next edition of the American Hanovarian Society's magazine! 

And because you guys asked I now have reproductions available!

And because, y'all have been asking I now have Peeps available as a giclee reproduction!

This is an 8 x 10 (image is 8 x 10, support slightly larger) new, giclee reproduction.This image is printed on a 100% acid- free, archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged in a protective,acid free cello bag with backing board. I hand sign and number every print to make it a one of a kind piece. Framing instructions included with each print. $50 plus $6.95 Priority Mail Shipping. 
Note: the website info is NOT on the print! 

To order your very own print just click on the Buy Now Button!

Peeps is quickly becoming one of my most popular images. It's right up there with Collection and Connection and is following in the footsteps of Collection which had the cover of The Chronicle in March 2010.

Watercolor, Private Collection
The Chronicle of the Horse

Watercolor, Private Collection


Epona -Pan-Celtic) [ey-PONE-ah, AY-paw-nah or Ay-PAWN-nuh]
 "Divine Horse"; "The Great Mare";
 Goddess of horses; Mother Goddess. 
Protectress of horses, prosperity, dogs, healing.

I am getting ready to launch the next big part of my equine adventure. In addition to my hands on training/teaching business,  I will be making my heart-centered training riding solutions grounded in the basics of the the Training Scale, Rider Biomechanics and the Horse/Human Connection available to all who have been asking through my new website that I will be launching in the next couple of weeks! If you would like me to be informed of the launch I have an email list. Just fill in your name and email below!

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