Saturday, September 5, 2009

Before The Paint

I am sitting here posting this...still in my pj's! That is one of the perks of having my studio at home!!! But I got into this drawing this morning and forgot about everything else! So the dogs sit and wait to be walked for their mid-morning walk and here I am posting about this sketch that will be put up on a 30 x 40" canvas this afternoon. ...after I walk the poor pups! After I get dressed!
Actually they have been busy watching from their deck perch as Les trims around all the gardens. I am sure our Corgi , Addie thinks he could do a better job!

This sketch on bristol paper is really too big to scan at 11 x 14", so I will have to photo it to really show all of it and my signature on the right bottom. As I explained before, I very often work out a sketch before putting paint on canvas or board. This sketch works for I feel the 'need' to get into it.
I am excited about the possibilities! Strike while the iron is hot!!! No???


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