Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP - New equine fantasy art by Kerry Nelson

"Braiding Mother's Hair" 16x20 oil on panel.  Work in Progress.

They're mostly horse!  Ha!  Here's a bit of background info from my blog:
"It is not my intention to mimic any one culture, rather, to create a plausible sub-culture that might exist if centaurs were real and living among human cultures of the ancient times.
This family is obviously well off with a palacial estate and many luxuries. Here, the mother is having her eldest daughter braid her mane and help her with her dressing for a night out with her husband when he returns home. The youngest daughter entertains them with chatter and play. She and her pets find the occassion very exciting and festive and as a result is always getting underfoot."

This painting is nearly finished, just awaiting a little more detailing.   Please visit my blog to see the complete session-by-session posting of this work from concept and drawing to the present stage of work with many detail close-up photos that can be enlarged by clicking on the photos.   See it here:

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