Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Dressage Casein -"Shades Of Gray #3 "

"Shades Of Gray #3"            casein on paper               9 x 12"
 Even though the day started a bit gray, the sun came out and Spring called to me as I worked in my studio, saying "Come and play...the winter was cold and deep, but now it is time to come out and enjoy the warmth of spring and promises of things to come." I listened but kept painting, finishing this one casein of a gray/white dressage horse for my "Shades of Gray" series. This is number 3....there are more to come...all playing with the discovery of colors in a gray horse brought out by the light and shadows. This painting as already been put up onto my website........
Now I am headed out for a bit to rake leaves from winter weary gardens while, the pups play.
Kathi Peters, AAEA Associate, WAOW Associate


  1. Love this piece Kathi, the movement and the light are super!

  2. Thanks,Sheona......and it's all about movement with