Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hugo ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Hugo," 8" square, painting of a fresh baby Thoroughbred, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $399 to the first asking "pretty please." 


In process views of this painting are available on the studio Facebook page.

My friend Linda Shantz (she's a darned amazing artist!) runs a small Thoroughbred farm near Woodbine (in Ontario). This year (in addition to a bunch of grownup babies) she's got three foals, each with personalities bigger than the other.

Born on Oscar night, Hugo was the first baby to arrive. Ever since, she's been regaling me with stories and adventures - these three will most certainly tear up the track (or whatever they put their minds to tear up) when their turns come.

In the meanwhile, they are keeping Linda on her toes.

This week Linda challenged a group of friends to make Hugo-inspired art, pARTy style. She shared a jpg and we all are to work from that image. I'll share all of the art next week.

This is my submission, not so creatively titled "Hugo" (I considered "Daddy Long Legs," but didn't want to confuse those thinking perhaps this was a baby portrait of the Derby horse by that name).

I don't think this will be the last time you see this guy - I'm looking forward to taking more pics of Hugo (and his siblings Elvis and Brigitte), along with their comrades later this summer when I get a chance to visit Linda.

Thanks, Linda, for sharing such a great inspiration!

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