Friday, May 11, 2012

Hugo's pARTy !!

it's a pARTy !!

What's a pARTy, you ask? It's when a group of artists use the same reference material to create their work.

In our case, it was the photo above, supplied by Linda Shantz, starring one of her Thoroughbred babies, Hugo.

She invited a core group of friends to participate. Each of us work in a different style or media, and we had 24 hours to create our piece.

I was so impressed with the resulting art that I offered to share it via my blog and newsletter.

Here are all the Hugo's, in alphabetical order by artists' name.

I hope you enjoy!!



"Klein Hugo"
pencil on paper
260 EUROS, inquire
oil on canvas paper
8" x 10"
"Linda's Colt"
oil on copper panel, varnished
7" x 5"
$325, inquire
oil on canvas
8" x 10"
$275 CDN, inquire
on pen and ink paper
9" x 12"
acrylic on panel
8" square
$399, iinquire 
"Walk the Walk (Hugo)"
oil on canvas
10" x 8"
$450 CDN, inquire
digital media
Thanks, as always, for following along with my - with OUR - artwork,

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