Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zac - work in progress

Zac - work in progress

Finally had a chance to work on Zac's portrait again today.. his face is coming together nicely and Ive blocked in his neck and plaits both on his neck and fore head.

I will continue working on the halter next and then his muzzle before starting on Zac's  neck.

Once Ive work on the entire drawing I will then decide how much it will need darkening


work in progress

Catherin McMillan

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Warrior’s Shirt, Appaloosa and Native Costume, Watercolor by Deborah Flood


                    The Warrior's shirt Medium Web view

The Warrior's Shirt
21.5 x 29 inches. watercolor on 300lb watercolor paper.

This painting is slated for my Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas, July and August of 2013.

This painting depicts the Warrior who has been honored with this red shirt, for his deed and generosity. Awarded as a special shirt by the Warrior's Society. The shirt is embellished with Ermines on the sleeves.

The War Pony wears a captured Cavalry bridle that has been decorated with rawhide strips covered in shell casings, brass beads and red and white heart beads. Warriors thought that the thing taken from the enemy during or after a battle would transfer the power of that person to them. Because the bridle is decorated in the shell casings, it gives the war pony the power to ride through hails of bullets with out being harmed.

Thank you goes to Debbie Herzman and her Appaloosa horse, Scooter. For reference images to use for the painting, and for describing what the pieces are.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

A western collage with buckskin horses.

I've always wanted to experiment with collage but not known where to start.  Then I discovered you tube!  You can find videos that teach you how to do a lot of things there.  I watched several artists create collages, journal pages etc...then started in.

In this collage, I began with a hard board, and lots of gesso.  Then began to glue and add paper and objects .  After that, I added the paint.  This is a collage done with a print of one of my original paintings, called "The Breezy Buckskins".

I find collage totally absorbing.  It's such a "thinking, problem solving" medium.  Since I began this kind of work, I find myself coming in from the studio at night, with feelings of exhaustion! :)  I think that's what I love about it most, it's a challenge.  But I felt the end result was worth it.

Donna Ridgway

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Mustang, Oil and Egg Tempera by Deborah Flood


                       Blue mustang Medium Web view

Blue Mustang 8 x 10 inches. Oil and Egg Tempera on Encausticbord

Blue Mustang is a painting I did from my trip to the Monero Mustang Sanctuary in Teirra Amarilla, New Mexico.

Painted in Oil Paints and Egg Tempera.

This painting is available for purchase through the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery, Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Ships from the Deborah Flood Studio


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Platedero, Spanish Band Stallion Mustang, Watercolor by Deborah Flood

                   Platedero Large Web view

Platedero, 20 x 23 inches, Watercolor. $1,400.00 USD

Platedero is a Spanish Mustang Band Stallion I had the privilege to photograph and whisper to, this past Summer in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. A Northern area of New Mexico, up in the Mountains.

Platedero is a slang Spanish/Hispanic word for ‘Silver’. He was named for his silver coloring when he was born on the Monero Mustang Sanctuary in New Mexico.

Giclee Prints will be available of this painting sometime this coming Winter. The original painting is slated for the solo exhibit at the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas in July and August of 2013.

If you would like to pre-order a print, please contact me at debflood@debfloodart.com

Thank you,

Deborah Flood


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fantasy - Catherin McMillan


From time to time I like to work with a different palette of colours especially with black or dark coloured horses.

Fantasy was one of those such pieces.


8" x 10"
$250.00 + postage unframed

Catherin McMillan

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bogged down in Horse Play, Western Watercolor by Deborah Flood


Bogged down in horse play Large Web view

Bogged down in horse play
20 x 24.5 inches
Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor Paper.

This painting is pretty much finished. I will be touching up a few detail places. This painting is from my horse back ride this past Summer in Angel Fire, New Mexico.
This painting will be going into the 2013 International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas, Solo Exhibit.

~Deborah Flood


Friday, September 28, 2012

"Dicke Tour" drawing by Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Dicke Tour
Pencil on Paper, 50x46 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
Limited Edition Prints available. (Run of 99)

Find out more on how Dicke Tour was drawn by checking out  my blog Sheonas.blogpsot.com

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tyson & Pez - Catherin McMillan

Tyson & Pez

Tyson & Pez's portrait was commissioned as a 21st birthday present from Kelly.. Tyson's mother..

I really enjoyed the challenge of creating all those dapples on Pez's coat.  Tyson & Pez his beautiful stallion are regular competitors on the Australian show jumping circuit.

I love immortalising these special moments in time that become treasured family heirlooms.

Tyson & Pez

10" x 14"

Catherin McMillan

Commissions welcome
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

ArtPrize ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini

Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson and yours truly at the MVP Metro Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in front of part of our ArtPrize 2012 installation.

Elizabeth flew in (from FL) on Monday, and the Santini's welcomed her with a great honking of snotty noses and a generous sized bottle of antibacterial hand wash.

There was literally no turning back!!

Tuesday morning (yesterday) she and I headed to Grand Rapids (that is, after running a lunch to the busstop at the nth hour and delivering a forgotten flute to a school office). It was time to hang our ArtPrize works.

And hang them we did, filling the lobby of the MVP Metro Club with color and life. You can see a complete photo montage on the studio Facebook page, including a link to Elizabeth's photo album.

If you find yourself hitting ArtPrize, please stop by and allow yourself to be wowed by our work (and the work of the other 1,698 artists participating). 

Huge thanks are due to those Painting a Dog a Day fans who eagerly nominated their pets for my "Cherished" paintings - while I couldn't take each of the pieces with me to the show, I had (and will continue to have) a great time creating and sharing them with you all.

Kim, who is feeling pampered - tonite, Elizabeth is cooking Morrocan Chicken and Fruited Barley and a cake that is a secret family recipe. I could get used to this.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

‘Safe in the Sage’ Spanish Mustang Mare and Filly, New Mexico. Watercolor by Deborah Flood


Safe in the sage Medium Web view

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the first of August! It’s been a pretty busy Summer and now with the kids back in school, and Summer Family fun has come to an end, it’s time to get back to the grind stone of having fun in the Studio! Yeah, right…grind stone, ha ha…So love my job!

Pictured above is a brand new Watercolor, just completed a few days ago. Safe in the sage, 15 x 19 inches, Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor Paper.

This cute pair are pure blooded Spanish Mustangs living in New Mexico. If you have been following my expeditions and goings on, then you know I took a trip out to Northern New Mexico this Summer for a Gallery Opening. While there, I scheduled a day to photograph the Wild Spanish Mustangs of Monero Mustang Sanctuary.

This is the first large watercolor I have created of the Mustangs. This Mare is Wera (meaning Blonde) and her Filly is Serena. I here from the Ranch that they are doing fine, but they do need a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor these two, or any other of the wild Mustangs that roam free there, follow the link above to the Sanctuary’s Website.

I will be offering 15 x 19 Limited Edition Prints of 50 of Safe in the sage. Printed on velvet watercolor paper and proofed, hand signed and numbered by me (Deborah Flood). A percentage of each print sale will be donated to the Mustang Sanctuary in New Mexico. Prints will be $100.00 USD plus shipping. Contact me at debflood@debfloodart.com to pre-order your LE Print.

Thank you for reading my musings, journeys, and Studio endeavors!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ArtPrize & Cherish -- Kimberly Kelly Santini


I cannot believe it's nearly here!

ArtPrize opens in a matter of weeks, and the final preparations have begun. Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson and I are delivering our work to the MVP Metro Club in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 19th.

My "Cherish" series will compliment her "Noah's Ark" pieces, along with a pairing of koi and bunnies that we created in our own style specifically for ArtPrize. (Pictured above is my "Flopsy Bunny," a 9" x 12" portrait on panel, which will be joined in Grand Rapids by Elizabeth's "Flopsy.")

There will be over 1500 artists showing their work within a 3 square mile area of Grand Rapids. In addition to juried prizes, the viewing public will choose award winners via texted votes, a la American Idol style. It promises to be exciting and inspiring for both artists and visitors.

For more information, visit the ArtPrize website. And stay tuned to my newsletters and blog for details specific to our installation.

Kim, who is trying to dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s related to ArtPrize without losing - or at least misplacing - her head


My idea was simple: I wanted to paint the bond we share with our pets. Not just their likenesses, which I did already pretty much every day as part of my regular portraiture. No, this time I wanted paintings that transcended mere likenesses and became something else - a moment in time or a particular shared emotion - that was universal.

While the initial idea was to create these paintings specifically for ArtPrize, along the way I discovered far more muses and content than I had time to adequately explore. So yes, the series will continue. And yes, you can still submit your companion animal more info on that is here).

You can view my muses here - be sure to page through the photos, because the captions on those whom I've already painted will contain links to their portraits.

And thank you, as always, for supporting my ideas, my art, and my livlihood.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sal by Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Sal," 6" x 8", acrylic on museum quality panel, depicting a blood bay Quarter Horse. This is a commissioned portrait and a Christmas surprise, and as such will be headed to a good hiding spot in his new home shortly.

But never fear - I am able to paint something just as special for you - shoot me an email and we'll get your project started!! Sketches start at $99 and panels like Sal's start at $329.

Happy Friday!!

And thanks for following along,
Kim, who is throwing together a pot of veggie soup and getting herself ready for some high school football Caped Crusader style. Join me in crossing fingers and toes so that the predicted thunderstorms skirt the stadium and our boys get to play some ball!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Western Breezes, Palomino and Cowgirl in the Sage Brush. New Watercolor by Deborah Flood


Western breezes Medium Web view

Western Breezes  22 x 29.5 inches. Watercolor on 300lb Arches Paper.

Retail: $2,500.00

I can hear you saying, wow that’s a large watercolor! Well, I can assure you, you are right!

The yellows, reds, and purples that grace this gorgeous Palomino pops out of the aqua colored Sage brush and the blues of the young Cowgirl’s outfits. They make a wonderful play of complimentary colors.

The locks of the Cowgirl and the mane and tail of the horse, flitter in the Western breeze. It’s a hot day, but the coolness of the blue Mountain and Sage combined with the breeze keeps them comfortable.

This painting has been created for inclusion in my Solo Exhibit in 2013 at the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas.

Thank you for taking a look and enjoying my Watercolors!



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Stretch Run by Kimberly Kelly Santini


The initial block in happened overtop an orange underpainting (above).

I slowly worked my way across the panel, defining shapes and forms as I went.

Photo courtesy of the amazing Jen Trottier. Hair courtesy of the lovely Saratoga Humidity. White House Black Market dress courtesy of the Salvation Army.
ALl photos in process of "The Stretch Run," 9" x 36", acrylics on museum quality panel, $699 unframed. Inquiries may come to me.

When in Saratoga two weeks back, I spent a day at Spa Fine Art, painting and mingling with the public. This is the piece I finished while there, a painting I left in their care. I don't doubt that they will find the perfect home for it.

Meanwhile, if you are interested, let me know, and I'll introduce you to the Spa staff. And arrange for you to see a true completed painting image, too.

Kim, who is ever so eager to start painting some of her Saratoga shots, but has to focus on more immediate deadlines (aka The Real World) first

Monday, July 23, 2012

At the Gate ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


The newest painting in the Saratoga Series, "At the Gate," has been signed. The above photo is from my cell phone, and it's an in-process shot and a little blurry (my apologies) - I didn't think to take a clearer photo before delivering the panel to my framer for trimming. But I think you get the idea! Below is a detail of the same in-process stage.....

This painting will be coming with me to Spa Fine Art in Saratoga, New York - unless someone speaks up in the next 48 hours (email me!!).

The piece is roughly 4-1/2" x 18", done in acrylics on a museum quality panel, and $549.

In process images are on the studio Facebook page - you might have to scroll back through the weekend's posts, since I worked this one up on Saturday.

And yes I did say I was taking this with me to Saratoga - I leave tomorrow!! I'll be in New York through the weekend, and return to daily painting on Wednesday of next week.

Don't forget my live painting demonstration on Friday at Spa Fine Art!! You can call the gallery for details - 518-587-2411. I'm bringing a racing scene and another post parade composition along with me - both very challenging pieces, but ones that should prove to also be very entertaining

Kim, who cannot wait to watch the sunrise over the track (and I'm a girl who takes her sleep very seriously!)

Christmas in July

The Christmas in July Giveaway is going strong - and last nite I upped the ante and decided to give away TWO paintings - so head on over to the studio Facebook page, people!!

"Like" my page (if you haven't already) and share the Christmas in July Giveaway image on your own Facebook page.

You gotta do it by the end of this month, though, to be eligable to win.

More details are here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini

Head on over to the studio Facebook page, people!!

If you aren't already a fan, start by "liking" the page.

Then look at my timeline and find the photo/graphic that, when shared, will get you an entry in a giveaway for one 8" x 10" commissioned portrait valued at $469. (Hint: It looks pretty much identical to the image above)

Share said image on your own Facebook timeline.

Now you are entered to win!! Easy peasy, huh?

This portrait will be created in time for 2012 holiday giving (gifting to yourself is A-OK). Winner is responsible for any applicable shipping costs and taxes.

Interested parties must share the aforementioned photo/graphic that is on the studio Facebook page. Shares must be public and from friends/fans of the studio page, and must be shared between now and the end of this month (July 31st). In exchange, the share-er earns one chance at winning the portrait.

Let me reiterate that I've got to be able to see the share - so things sent via private messaging or email or newsletter forwarding do not count. Only shares done publically on Facebook from friends or fans of the studio page are eligible. Sharing and then deleting said share will negate entry eligibility.

Odds of winning are totally determined by how many shares completed. However, odds of winner receiving an amazing portrait and skyrocketing to the top of recipient's Favorite Person list are pretty darned good.

Painting delivery hinges entirely upon winner providing suitable reference photos in a timely manner.

Winning entry will be chosen entirely at random in early August.

Don't you just love the thrill of a good contest?!

Kim, who still wishes she won a carnival goldfish all those years ago
Kimberly Kelly Santini

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art of the American West, Celebrating the National Day of the Cowboy Museum Exhibit with Debbie Flood


Art of the American West, Celebrating the National Day of the Cowboy.

July 21- August 31, 2012.

Sponsored by the Western Trail Art Association & Red River Valley Museum.

The Exhibit will be on display at the Red River Valley Museum, Vernon, Texas.
I'll have two watercolors in this Exhibit and Sale.

Between a rock and a hard place Medium Web view

Between a rock and a hard place 21 x 29 inches, Watercolor. Double matted and framed in a red mahogany wood frame.

Spirit Horse Pass Large Web view

Spirit Horse Pass, 16 x 20 inches, watercolor.

Double matted and framed in a red mahogany wood frame.

Limited Edition Prints are available of the paintings listed above. Prints may be purchased through the Official website of Debbie Flood http://www.debfloodart.com click on the Giclee Prints Link.

The Original Watercolors may be purchased through the Red River Valley Museum in Vernon, Texas.

Thank you,

Debbie Flood




Monday, July 16, 2012

Valarie Wolf, AAEA: "Quiet Nobility" Draft Horse painting

This painting was just named as a Finalist The 29th Annual Art Competition!  I particularly like the shadows on this one.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shooting Star by Sheona Hamilton-Grant

"Shooting Star"
Pencil on Paper
44x29 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved
As soon as I saw the reference sent by wonderful photographer and fellow artist Juliet Harrison, all I wanted to do was get tucked into portraying this exquisite running machine.
Focus had to be given to the graceful lines, athletic long neck, beautifully defined shoulders and the ever alert inquisitive eye. 
In order to pep-up and add a wee twist to the final composition, interesting elements, such as his elegant pride, apparent coolness in the spotlight, controlled presence when in the thick of things, were had to feature.
I adored drawing this athlete, all the memories of my days "in the business" came flooding back.  They had a strong magnetic pull on my pencils.   The hours spent on the drawing board one big long refreshing walk down memory lane.
The icing on the cake: both Shooting Star and Up & Running are on their way to Australia as I type. 
Both are finalists in this years Inglis Equine Art Prize and their presence now required on the Australian Equine Art circuit! 
So very very chuffed. 
Actually chuffed to very little pieces!
p.s: Massive thank-yous' once again to Juliet Harrison for generously allowing me to use her material and vision. p.p.s: Juliet's work, her interpretation of the equine form is so beautiful. Her use of light masterful. If you are unfamiliar with her work, you simply must discover her amazing art world at http://julietrharrisonphotography.com/

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Copyright Thieves

Dear Copyright Thieves,

Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's free for the taking. So let's just stop pretending the internet is a free-for-all.

Don't play the card that you didn't know - that's insulting. And don't also tell me that you meant to follow up and get permission but never got a chance to. That's insulting too. And by the way, don't you have a copyright protection notice on your own site?

And don't even try and point the finger at a third party who commissioned you to make a copy of my painting - again, an insult - you and I both know the difference between a reference photo and a painting.

And don't tell me that I asked for it because I share my artwork on the internet. I share my paintings and ideas and the stories behind them so as to encourage others to pursue their own passions. I do not share so that those lacking integrity and morals can copy and market the images as their own.

Don't waste your breath and tell me that imitation is a form of flattery. And don't try to flatter me further by saying you meant no harm. I know what you meant to do - you blatantly copied a copyrighted image and presented it as your own in an attempt to line your pockets in some way. And you thought you would get away with it.

So you've already gotten an individualized cease and desist note from my lawyer. 

And now along with that mess, there's a couple other things you should start preparing for:
  • Your entire website will be deleted from your host. They don't smile upon infringers.
  • The infringing images are all being dumped from your online storefronts. Again, their terms of service agreements state they don't tolerate copyright violations, and a simple Google search showed me all the places where you were marketing your unauthorized copies of my paintings, selling prints of my pirated art, and using my stolen imagery to advertise your own product.
  • And the infringing artwork will be removed from that juried exhibition - I called the exhibition space and spoke with the director personally. I imagine you'll be hearing from her too, because that award has been rescinded.
  • I went ahead and emailed the professional affiliations listed on your website and alerted them to the fact that you have misrepresented your artwork. You'll most likely be hearing from them, too.
  • I also took the liberty of letting the art guilds and spaces you teach at know that your recent workshops were based exclusively on artwork stolen from my website. I sent them all sorts of supplemental information, too, including an overlay of your recent demo paintings which are tracings of work I created years ago.
I suppose these are minor inconveniences, really. Because tomorrow you most likely will just look elsewhere for someone else's work to flagrantly misappropriate.

However, keep in mind that various artists groups and online communities watch each other's backs. The internet has made our world smaller, and it's just a matter of time before you are discovered and exposed. As a matter of fact, that's how I found you - another watchdog sent me a note with a couple of links.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - just to err on the side of caution, I alerted several groups to your piracy, and shared saved images of your website inside their archives. So who knows - you might be getting personal introductions in the coming days to some other artists you cared enough about to "flatter" !!

Dear, dear copyright infringers, because you don't know how to create - you just know how to copy - you won't ever understand the thrill of pursuing your own ideas. How sad is that? And while you might call yourself artists, you're really just playing make believe.

I'm watching you now. As is a growing army of angry artists you've also taken advantage of.

We've heard the pathetic excuses too many times. We're not buying them anymore.

Proudly signed by an artist who prides herself on working hard and making an honest living,
Kimberly Kelly Santini

Dear Fellow Artists,

You have my complete and total permission to share this open letter in any format you choose.

Feel free to substitute your name or add any necessary bullet points.

Post it and links where ever you deem appropriate.

Don't be shy to announce to copyright thieves that you won't take it anymore.

United we stand!

En Garde!