Friday, May 25, 2012

Lengthening Her Stride ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Lengthening Her Lead," from the Saratoga Series and fresh off the easel, 5" high by 22" wide. Details of each side are above, with the full view below. Add this painting to your collection for $599.  

In process views of this painting have been uploaded to thestudio's Facebook page the last couple days.

Inquiries can always come to me!!! And thank you!!


Hope everyone has fabulous plans made for the weekend - we'll be spending time at the Dog Bowl in Frankenmuth, Michigan, hanging with family, and getting our veggie garden in.

Special thanks today to the veterans who's own personal sacrifice has enabled the freedoms we enjoy today,

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hugo's pARTy !!

it's a pARTy !!

What's a pARTy, you ask? It's when a group of artists use the same reference material to create their work.

In our case, it was the photo above, supplied by Linda Shantz, starring one of her Thoroughbred babies, Hugo.

She invited a core group of friends to participate. Each of us work in a different style or media, and we had 24 hours to create our piece.

I was so impressed with the resulting art that I offered to share it via my blog and newsletter.

Here are all the Hugo's, in alphabetical order by artists' name.

I hope you enjoy!!



"Klein Hugo"
pencil on paper
260 EUROS, inquire
oil on canvas paper
8" x 10"
"Linda's Colt"
oil on copper panel, varnished
7" x 5"
$325, inquire
oil on canvas
8" x 10"
$275 CDN, inquire
on pen and ink paper
9" x 12"
acrylic on panel
8" square
$399, iinquire 
"Walk the Walk (Hugo)"
oil on canvas
10" x 8"
$450 CDN, inquire
digital media
Thanks, as always, for following along with my - with OUR - artwork,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hugo ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Hugo," 8" square, painting of a fresh baby Thoroughbred, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $399 to the first asking "pretty please." 


In process views of this painting are available on the studio Facebook page.

My friend Linda Shantz (she's a darned amazing artist!) runs a small Thoroughbred farm near Woodbine (in Ontario). This year (in addition to a bunch of grownup babies) she's got three foals, each with personalities bigger than the other.

Born on Oscar night, Hugo was the first baby to arrive. Ever since, she's been regaling me with stories and adventures - these three will most certainly tear up the track (or whatever they put their minds to tear up) when their turns come.

In the meanwhile, they are keeping Linda on her toes.

This week Linda challenged a group of friends to make Hugo-inspired art, pARTy style. She shared a jpg and we all are to work from that image. I'll share all of the art next week.

This is my submission, not so creatively titled "Hugo" (I considered "Daddy Long Legs," but didn't want to confuse those thinking perhaps this was a baby portrait of the Derby horse by that name).

I don't think this will be the last time you see this guy - I'm looking forward to taking more pics of Hugo (and his siblings Elvis and Brigitte), along with their comrades later this summer when I get a chance to visit Linda.

Thanks, Linda, for sharing such a great inspiration!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heads or Tails ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Heads or Tails," 4" x 9", equine painting done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $279 to the first person to ask nicely. Inquiries may always come to me. And thank you!

A couple in process views of this painting are available onthe studio Facebook page.


Special thanks to Facebook fan MW who titled this one while it was still wet and on my easel!!

Other potential titles:

"I Can't Do a Thing With My Hair"
"Where's the Detangler When You Need It?"
"Tail End"
"Kiss My ___"
"Equine Backcomb"

Tomorrow I will be painting a foal, and, if time permits, another small track scene. I can't believe there's only 2 days left till the Kentucky Derby.

Who's your pick?

Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork with your friends and family!!

Palominos #51 by Katie Upton, reproduced with permission of the artist. 

Another Inspiration, Katie Upton

I happen fall in love with artists who's work exemplifies qualities I feel my own lacks. 

California artist Katie Upton is a perfect example. What does she do that is so masterful? I'll tell you!
  • Her lines ooze with steely confidence.
  • Even frozen in time, her subjects carry tremendous movement.
  • She breaks form down into simple, gorgeous planes that retain every element of the overall shape while simultaneously carrying great strength as abstractions.
  • No one can place a dab of color and make it sing like she can. Seriously, look at those greens and oranges and purples - it's like the Hallelulia Chorus!!
  • She's created such a signature style that her work is distinctive and identifiable in an instant. 
Thank you, Katie, for giving me all sorts of great eye candy and setting the bar so darned high!!

You can view more of Katie's work on her website.

Lorraine exercises good judgement

I am calling this one done. It was accepted into the Michiana 10th Annual Art Competition in St. Joeseph, MI and will be on display June 15-July 27 at the Box Factory for the Arts.
24x30 oil on canvas $725
Judith A. Johnson