Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fly Season

I have a whole series of shots I took last summer (a little later than this) that I ended up calling "Fly Season". Not a pretty title, but anyone with horses will understand. I almost lost the sale of a print of this one last fall at the Spruce Meadows show, when the purchaser found out that the working title was "Fly Season-Lift". She was a ballet dancer and in her world this was a Retiree (there is supposed to be an accent on one of those "e"s but I don't know how to do that) ballet move, and she wasn't sure she liked the concept of fly season. I suppose horse flies, nose flies, bot flies, and all the rest aren't that much of a problem in the ballet studio.

Just about time for me to start working on that series again. I have another summer series called "Dust" which, again, horse people will totally understand.

This shot features my own gelding and star model, Alpac. I am very fond of the golden light of the evening, backlighting, and close crops, and this photo combines all three. Prints of this or any of my art photos can be purchased by contacting me You can see more of my work on my blog and the elusive new website is in process of being created. I seem to be the main delay at the moment, as I need to do my "homework" for the person assembling it, and as always in the summer (and year round for that matter) finding the time is a challenge.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Painting Demonstration

This weekend I was at a special art event in which I did some painting demonstrations of equine and farm animal art. The back drop of this photo is my most recent mural of a team of Amish draft horses at a hitching post. On my easle is a work in progress painting of Daisy, a large holstein cow. I live in an Amish and farming community so these subjects are characteristic of my town and quite fitting for me to paint because animals are a favorite subject of mine!

To inquire about horse or pet portraits, purchase prints, Amish photography or to see more of my work go to
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Sue Steiner

Friday, July 11, 2008

Draft Horse Slates

While getting ready for an upcoming show I put together some draft horse barn siding slates like the ones above. I added some bronze so the horses have just a hint of metalic sheen to them which I think goes well with the texture of the slate-- giving an overall feeling of power, strength and beauty-- just like the draft horses themselves. To see more of my work or to inquire about purchasing equine art or prints go to or stop by my blog at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Man on a Mission" 5 x 7 Oil on Raphael Linen

Man on a Mission 5 x 7 Oil on Raphael Linen Panel, by Linda Shantz

I just dropped this little original oil painting off to be framed. Fellow Equine Art Guild member, Kat Moore, has shared a number of photos of her Shire horses, including the one that inspired this painting. This is Shine, and it looks to me like he's trudging through that snow with purpose, hence my chosen title!

Typically I paint Thoroughbreds, because I'm surrounded by them every day, but the Shire has always been my favourite draft breed. I really enjoyed doing this little piece. It's on my current favourite surface, Raphael linen panel. I am making it available as either a collector reproduction at $30.00, or a giclée reproduction on either canvas or fine art paper ($60.00 canvas, stretched; $45.00 fine art paper). The original is also available. Any inquiries can be directed to me at

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Horse Shows Again

This summer, one of the local barns is celebrating their 20th anniversary. They are wonderful people with beautiful horses, and I've been going to and enjoying their horse shows for over half that time. To help them celebrate, I did an ink and watercolor montage of some of the things I've seen at their shows over the years. Ink and watercolor is a fun medium that can be handled in a fresh feeling, loose style. I had nearly as much fun doing this as I do going to the shows.