Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Change Of Address.....Or A Need To Simplify My Life

"Ground Driving The Belgians - Acadia"  Casein  6 x 6"
I have moved....well , no I haven't blog has. It has been a long time it seems since I started my blog on BlogSpot....ions ago. It is time to make my life easier NOW. I am not getting any fact the opposite seems to be so. So, one less Internet connection would be nice....less bother .I am moving [or HAVE moved my studio blog to my website KATHIPETERS.COM

There you can find my usual  mundane chatter and new art works in the making, ... or already done. Just like I have been doing here for nigh on 6  years now???? Wow , times sure flies when you are having fun! And I am having fun! Finally back driving our horses, and enjoying life to its fullest!
I hope you will come on over to my NEW BLOG PAGE .......and stay in touch. I love to read your comments and to have you continue to follow my art... and collect my art!  I have to feed those horses you know!  So bookmark the new blog page.....and come on over.
Sit and visit for a are always welcome at Cob Cottage Studio!
 Nell and I are waiting for you!