Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midnight Race lithograph and prints

Midnight Race"
I’ve been drawing since I can remember. My mom said I picked up a pencil early on and started drawing/scribbling. I would spend a lot of time drawings thru the years.
I also fell in love with horses. My parents took us to a local farm for pony rides occasionally. On my very first pony ride I fell in love with them. I thought they were so beautiful and gentle. I felt on top of the world on their back as we were led around the farm yard.
I decided to pursue an art career. I attended Southeastern Mass. U.
I had a desire to incorporate my love for horses in my art.

"Midnight Race" is a lithograph I did when I was at Southeastern Massachusetts University. I learned a couple of techniques used to make lithographs in the Lithography course I took. I wished to capture the beauty and power in horses, yet I didn't want it so realistic. I experiemented and came up with this image. Later, I entered it in "The Okterfest" of the Tauton Art Association. I received Second Place. Another day I met the artist who was one of the judges at that show. She was excited to meet me and told me she thought the image was real good. With that I entered it with only some hope, of course, into the juried show at "The Harborfest" in Cohasett. Much to my surprise and joy, I received notice the image got into the juried exhibit and received an Honorable Mention award. It was a hightlight in my pursue of an art career.

Prints and T-shirts available. Gift ideas

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