Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amish Buggy Horse Portrait

I painted this very recently. It is primarily watercolor with a wee bit of CP and acrylic ink.

I am an artist living in Amish County in Ohio. I also happen to love painting horses so buggy horses and work horses are often subjects in my paintings. Since I love all things equine I widen my range and paint a whole variety of horses, donkeys, mules etc. I also paint farm animals, people, flowers and the occassional landscape as well as pet and horse portraits. I like to work in a wide range also from life sized horse murals on display at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio to intricate floral watercolors. I work in acrylics, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, oils and pastels.

I sell my art thru pay pal on my web site http://www.suesteiner.com/ or http://www.amish-art.com/ I also keep a blog where I often post work in progress photos. You can see this painting take shape there a couple weeks back. The blog is located at http://www.amulti-coloredlife.blogspot.com/

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