Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This painting is the "slap happiest" I've ever done. It was part of a two hour challenge. I painted for two hours and it was almost finished, but not quite. I've worked on it another hour since the challenge was over. :) I just couldn't leave it like it was.

It was incredibly fun to work like this...

The word now was on the score board behind the horse in the photo I was working from. I included it in the painting. This painting tells a story of a single moment in time, the race is over, won or lost, and it's all about how this jockey and this horse are feeling right now. Doing this painting in two hours (and a little more) also gives it that feeling of right now...the brush strokes were fast, there wasn't much just happened.

You can see this painting as a work in progress on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by! Donna Ridgway

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