Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"The Brayer"

Here I am, being plumb silly again. But we gotta have fun with what we do, right?

Pedro was my model for this, but Robert loves Pedro so much, he didn't want me to make him look silly. So this donkey here is nothing to do with Pedro! It's your ordinary generic donkey, braying his heart out!

When they talk to you, they put everything they've got into it. You can see their lungs heave, their sides bulge, they snort and gurgle a little in between brays. There's nothing like it in the world, to be greeted like this when you come home from town!

I learned of a donkey rescue today, from a friend of mine. You can see it by clicking that donkey rescue link. They also have a donkey web cam up......
You can see the donkeys at their home!

I did not know I would come to love two donkeys as much as I love our Daisy and Pedro, they snuck right into my heart.
Donkey art on my site.

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