Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Kid On The Block

Thank you to Donna for inviting me to join in on this unique blog.

My name is Karen Baker Thumm, and I hail from northern Michigan. I work mostly in oils, pastels and pencil and specialize in sport horse art with some landscapes and wildlife thrown in. You can visit my website here or my personal art blog here. There are several pieces of art for sale there, and I have a few more that are waiting to be put up for sale for one reason or another.

Below is a photo of me on my horse, Scottie, taken two weeks ago in the indoor arena where I board. Northern Michigan winters are not suitable for outdoor riding most of the time, so we're all cooped up until Spring arrives. This photo is very blurry because the camera battery was about to die, but it does prove that I do ride.

Next I'm posting a work in progress of a team of Belgians. I've done a little more on it since this photo was taken but it's not fit to show just yet. Do you like the pink coat on the righthand horse? It's an experiment.

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