Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Most of my horse paintings fall into the more realistic interpretations; portraits, scenes from the wild, backyard, showring, or, even of past times. A small percentage are pure fantasy, including pegasus, unicorns, and lots of centaurs, but then finally, there are a few like this that fall more into surrealistic or science-fiction themes that I can neither explain, nor, stop myself from painting. I read a great deal of pulp science-fiction as a child. It must have warped me! If you are interested in purchasing this small original oil painting or would just like to see more detail photos, please visit my ebay auction listing at this link:


  1. Hi Kerry

    This is beautiful.
    Great image for the new year.
    Reach for the stars.

    Best to you

    Lisa G.

  2. Hi, Lisa! Thankyou and best to you for the new year, too!