Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Stretch," 42" x 16", acrylic on gallery stretched canvas, thoroughbred painting. Inquiries to ksantini@turtledovedesigns.com .

This is NOT a traditional portrait by any means. But I didn't intend that.

Instead I wanted an image that represented the breed, the beauty inherant in that full out stride, the tenderness seen in the reach for a peppermint, the green of reflected sunlight off Kentucky bluegrass.

This painting is more about the summation of a lifetimes' accumulated equine memories, and less about a specific horse or moment in time.

Despite it's scale, it retains a contemplative quality that encourages you to linger as you travel down that path of memory.

Kimberly Kelly Santini

www.turtledovedesigns.com - distinctive 4-legged paintings, and home of the Painting a Dog a Day project (www.paintingadogaday.com )


  1. This is such a soft, calm piece, and I love the composition. Would be really nice to see some of the big ones in real life!