Monday, March 31, 2008

Cowboy Dreams

I found this photo of my grandson Mark (now just turned eleven and almost as tall as I am) in a forgotten pile in the corner of the studio. It was a cute shot of him trudging out to greet my Thoroughbred, but I felt it could be enhanced.

I scanned the original print (this was from my pre-digital days), added the horses to the background, who were on site when I took the original shot, but not in the photo as it was, then decided to incorporate a cowboy, horse and cattle from a more recent shoot. I like to tell a story with my images when possible, and this one carries something of a universal message for the dreams and aspirations of many youngsters, both boys and girls. A little corner of this dressage riding grandma still wants to be a cowboy when I grow up!

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  1. You done good!

    That's an old saying in my family for when someone did something stupendously wonderful! :)

  2. Excellent composition and great feel. Love the bunch of carrots...adds a special touch. May I say: "You done real good!"