Monday, March 31, 2008

Montana mustangs in the snow, nature photo.

I was sitting at my studio desk yesterday, trying to get interested in a painting I was working on. Nothing was happening. I mean nothing. It was frightening, there's never a time when I can't paint.

I kept thinking about my camera. I looked outside, the sun was shining bright and the air was warm, totally opposite of the day before, when a huge blizzard hit our area. Snow was melting, birds were singing...I felt so restless inside.

Robert was cleaning his office. I didn't say anything to interrupt him, just went in and plugged in the camera batteries, still wondering if we should bother to spend the money for gas it would take to get us to the mountains....I looked outside again....the sun was so beautiful...I knew we'd get great photos with that light....

"Hey Robert!" I yelled, "Let's grab the camera and go shoot some pictures!"

His hands were deep in dishwater, washing his model car collection. There was no hesitation in his voice, he said, instantly, "Ok, let's go!" I heard the drain come out of the sink and the water whoosh away.

We fixed a lunch and off we went.

On my personal blog, you'll find many more photos from the shots we took, but these are the photos that were calling me to come out. They're the reason I was so restless I couldn't paint...these were the shots that had to be taken!

The sun didn't remain with us on this photo shoot. A storm moved in over the mountains and across the prairie. It was one of those heavy, wet, snows. I froze nearly to death taking these photos, but the chance was there, and I wasn't about to miss it.

Sometimes when you have a very strong, restless feeling, it's time to pay attention to it, you never know what's out there, waiting for you.
Donna Ridgway

If you click the photos, you can see a larger version of them.
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