Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lori's Foal

"Lori's Foal"
This is a pastel portrait I did a while ago.
My focus was on the coming of spring.
Lori was a horse I rode for a little while at Haskins Farm. She had a filly in the spring, 1997. I visited her and her newborn. One day they were outside in the corral enjoying the sun and warm weather. It was one of the First warm days of Spring and there was still some snow leftover. I watched as the foal investigated the snow and then rolled and played in it. I took a few photos of them. I then made a picture of "Mom" and her foal near a small pile of melting snow. My tribute to "Beings of spring".

Lori's Foal is available in cards at my

and on a writing journal at my Cafepress store.

Happy Spring

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